Thursday, December 18, 2014

Travel a Little More with your Little Ones

Orange. Orange; Apple. Orange;Apple;Banana. Orange;Apple;Banana;Pear.
I am sure the above string of words must have transported you back to your childhood days. We all know THE GREAT MEMORY GAME. Then there was ATLAS.

These games hold special importance in my life since they remind me of the trips I made with my family as a child. And it is not just me, my mom too always rejoices when she reminisces about those trips.
It was a wonderful idea because these were not any silly games but great learning experiences.

My dear mother, who must be sneezing as I write this, always makes sure to express how we as kids added a different dimension to the trip. And I agree with her.

The fact is that when a couple goes for a vacation, the nature of activities is very different. It is usually like another honeymoon. They make impromptu plans; some work, some don’t. However, when one has kids in the rear seat they have to be a little cautious, a little more planned and a little more organised. Now that’s not bad news! Believe me; with the little ones the trip takes a whole new shape. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Like I promised in my previous post that I will soon be sharing the recipe of butter chicken, here I am with the post revolving around the most popular North-Indian, non-vegetarian main dish. 

In all these years I have still not come across one person who has meat and doesn’t like butter chicken. It usually tops the list when you are ordering something for dinner at a restaurant or setting the menu for an occasion or ordering food in. It was a favourite and it remains to be the same way even now. 

While this recipe fetched me a lot of compliments and made all the efforts worthwhile, I am hoping that you too become the star for the day when you cook this luxurious dish for your loved ones. Why I call it luxurious? You’ll know when you will go through the ingredients.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Achari Paneer Tikka

Unlike other Saturdays when our group of friends generally dine out, this Saturday night was spent a little differently. We decided to sit together at a friend’s place and the bhabis (sis-in-laws/ friend’s wives) of the group were asked to prepare dinner for everyone. 

Both, Bhabi no.1 and Bhabi no. 2 were asked to make a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian dish. The non-vegetarian dish was chosen by the friends so I did not have to think too hard (just to let you know they asked me to cook butter chicken but I will post about it some other day). For a veg starter I zeroed in on making paneer tikka for everyone. However, instead of making the regular paneer tikka I decided to make its pickleeeeyyyy brother and so everyone got to eat Achari Paneer Tikka.

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Glimpse of Goa

A pint of Kingfisher Premium, freshly fried fish and chips and the picturesque beach ahead; if there is one place that comes to our minds after reading this its Goa. I am sure half of you have already started imagining yourselves there. 

There is something about this former Portuguese province that puts one to ease. It is extremely chilled out and for once you feel that you are altogether in a different country. 

This was luckily my second visit to Goa in a year. Ok my husband and I do love Goa but a leisure trip to this easy breezy city was not on our minds till my dear husband announced that he has SERIOUS WORK in Goa (Yes people go to Goa for work also!).  Now a little weekend holiday after work in GOA could not hurt anyone haha. So we jumped at the opportunity and landed in Goa. 

Unlike our last trip, this time we stayed in Panjim (capital of Goa) and explored a different part of the city besides the regular beach madness. We behaved more like travellers than tourists. While my husband was at work I took a stroll to the Dona Paula Jetty in Panjim, took a local bus to Miramar Beach and enjoyed a coffee all by myself. We boarded the ferry with our rented two-wheeler to reach the other side, just like the locals. We dug our fingers in Goan fish curry and rice and binged our way till our tummies yelled. A walk for a few minutes and we were ready for a portion of fish fingers. We visited Old Goa, captured the Holy Places and lifelong memories in our minds.

So here are a few pictures giving you a little glimpse of our Goa trip. Hope you like them and they make you want to visit the city.

Monday, November 3, 2014

One Day FEEL LIGHT Routine

Wow! So as I write this I do realise that it has been QUITE SOMETIME since I last wrote something in my little diary, but you can’t blame me. October was so festive starting with card parties to celebrating the biggest festival in the country. Plus the number of birthdays in my sweet little family all fall together and occupy half of my November too! Infact it has been so happening that for a few nights I found myself repeating the dialogue from the movie Jab We Met “babaji ab is night ko thoda boring banado”.  

Anyway I am not going to crib because it was all too much fun. From playing dress-up for every party to celebrating the birthdays it has all been lovely. BUT, the eating out and eating in loads and eating all fried and eating all sweet that comes complimentary with this time does take a toll. And I am sure post Diwali bickering most of you would agree with me on this.

So in today’s post I will tell you a few simple things that you can follow to feel lighter and better not just after Diwali but after any eating spree. I follow this routine myself after a  heavy day of eating out; you can accommodate the tips as per your own body since you know it better J. You just need to follow it the day after you’ve hogged. My husband has found a silly moniker for this day and he calls it “THE AFSOS DAY” which means the day of regret LOL. But believe me it is not like I will suggest you to not eat and drink. It is a tried and tested one day routine which includes food! And it works beautifully.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ideas for Diwali Decor

While diwali is just round the corner, I am sure most of you are already at the peak of MISSION “Ghar Ki Safai”. Come diwali and we all get a solid reason to force the men in the house to do their bit of cleaning. Every possible nook and corner is searched for a spider web, every shelf is dusted clean and the glass of all windows and doors are scrubbed till they sparkle to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

Now that the houses are clean, we all try doing our best when it comes to Diwali decorations. In this post I will give you a few ideas that you can use to give your house a special touch this festive season. I am sure a lot of you must already be doing these things, but for those who are still confused, take a cue.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Prakash Handicrafts Sisters Bazaar, Landour

Outside Prakash Handicrafts

It is unbelievably bizarre how time flies. The weekend just bid goodbye and somehow I still cannot get over the weekend before the last one I spent in Dehradun with my husband. I have already mentioned in a post earlier how special Dehradun is to my husband. Ever since we got married we have visited Dehradun a number of times however it had always been with the family. So last to last weekend my husband and I made an impromptu plan and reached Dehradun, just the two of us. However this post is not about Dehradun. This post is about a little shop we discovered during this trip that made it all the more worthwhile (I will deviate a little from the shop here and there, please do not mind; the hills and the dun does that to me :p)

After spending a lazy Saturday, on Sunday we started for Landour. Landour is a small cantonment town contiguous with Mussoorie, and is about 35 km from Dehradun in the northern state of Uttarakhand. The twin towns of Mussoorie and Landour, together are a reflection of British Raj-era hill station in northern India. While we were exploring the town we walked up to the nearby Sisters bazaar also known as the nurses’ dormitory.

The stroll to Sisters bazaar was a beautiful experience. The surroundings, the cute little houses and the whole feel of the place reminded me of my road trip to Lake District in the UK. It was postcard perfect, so pretty and so romantic! *lovestruck*

now who wouldn't fall in love with this place?

My adorable darling

Once we reached Sisters bazaar it was hard for us to fathom the fact that it was a market for it had shops less than the number of fingers in one hand. We had to confirm from the locals if that was it and they were affirmative. We were just about to take a U-Turn when we noticed this dainty handicrafts shop on the main road. I saw a board outside it that read “Prakash Handicrafts”.

With a slight chill in the air we were glad to have found some cosiness in that little shop which offered a LOT! From silver jewelry to Tibetan wind chimes the range was diverse.  There were bed covers for the house to stoles, warm jackets and kurtas to update the wardrobe for the winters.  The jackets and the kurtas are the shop’s forte. They are hand woven in yak wool and pure wool.

now this looks warm

The shop was promoting all things natural. There was this adorable little tortoise made out of pine needles which one can decorate at home or use for the coming Diwali celebrations. However one thing that caught our eye was the range of natural cosmetics this little shop was selling.

These personal care products are manufactured by a foundation called SOS Organics. Parul, the beautiful owner of the shop threw some light on the products and the foundation.  She informed us that the foundation manufactures a wide range of products from food to herbal infusions and cosmetics at a village industry based in Almora, Uttarakhand. The range reminded me of “Fab India” products.  The SOS Organics’s products are all organic, grown in the Himalayas and free of pesticides. The specific environmental conditions of the Himalaya, its unique weather, rich and diverse mineral content of the soil and cosmic radiation are such that the indigenous crop packs a multitude of medicinal properties. I was simply fascinated listening to her.

Her face lightened up while she was telling us about the authenticity of those products which mirrored how she believed in them. She asked us to give the products a try since there aren’t any side effects, so my dear husband asked me to buy a few. Let me tell you they are brilliant.

SOS Organics' Products and the cute little tortoise i mentioned (pic courtesy: my dear husband)

I enquired if these products are available online and a smiling yes came as an answer. The products have the Foundation’s website link on them so one can easily visit the site and read more about their vision and other products (I did and it is quite interesting). Here is a link to their website

Parul was very honest when she asked us to buy the herbal infusion. She agreed that it will not score too high on taste however it will do wonders for our body. I chose to buy the Tulsi Rhododendron Herbal Infusion (I still have to try it though, maybe post navratras). The packaging of the Cometic gift box that I bought was ripped apart right when I reached home. I absolutely love the Geranium face cream that I am using at night these days. Its fragrance is absolutely refreshing and it keeps my skin so supple without making it oily.

We were a bunch of garrulous people so we did not realise that we had spent almost an hour and a half in the shop talking about nature, organic food, politics and ofcourse Mr. Modi! I took a few pictures of the shop to share my experience with you all. Parul was too shy to get clicked hence she remains the mysterious pretty woman from the hills until you visit her (haha!). She was sweet to offer us a cup of tea/coffee but it was getting late so we settled with chocolates.

It was wonderful to meet a lovely lady like her amidst the utmost serene surroundings. Afterall very few people take the onus of spreading awareness about a good cause and going organic is definitely one of them. Not just for the nature but for your own body too (I mention the latter because we humans are selfish beings and if being a little selfish can indirectly do good to Mother Earth then I say why not?).

Do visit this cute little shop on your next trip to the “Queen of Hills” to buy something handmade crafted with love. The idea of this tiny place is to give back a lot to the society and underpriviledged in its own little ways. I will definitely make another trip.

While the west is already embracing the idea of organic products and the awareness is slowly increasing in the east too, it is time for us to give them atleast a try. Little efforts and small changes in your own simple ways can make a big difference.

P.S.: If you have visited Prakash Handicrafts at Sisters Bazaar in Landour earlie or have used SOS Organics’ products, do share your experience. Also if you buy something in the future and like it, do leave a comment for the readers. Your feedback means a lot to "my little diary".

Monday, September 15, 2014

Yummy Oats with a Twist

image source: google

While I have always loved oats when it comes to choosing an option from usual the breakfast menu, like my dear husband many people are averse to the idea of choosing this healthy option for the first meal of the day.

Some do not like the taste and the others are strictly against it plainly because it is healthy! (Count my husband in the latter category *eyes rolling*)

But there are many of these people who are willing to try oats provided they taste better. While there are many variants and flavours already available in the market none has stood upto my expectation. So in this post I am going to share some quick and easy twists that you can apply to your oats and I bet they will be no less than a treat. All these options are sweet and I mean sweet literally LOL.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Easy Eggless Choco-Raisin Oat Cookies

midnight craving
There is something so mischievous about midnight cravings. First they make you dream about that particular food till you die of salivating. Then it leaves you with no choice but to kneel down and surrender to it (read: rush to the kitchen). Arghhhh!!!

I was a victim of one such teasing midnight craving the other night. The crime took place at 1:30 AM, crime scene being our kitchen. My husband and I had just returned from our friend’s place and I had a full tummy yet I wanted to have some cookies and tea. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Have you been swept by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

image source: google

Unlike my otherwise light and yummy posts, this one is a bit different and serious in nature for reasons of its own.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the world by storm. The social media is floating with videos of known and not so known people performing the challenge in their own unique ways.

If you have still not googled about this let me throw some light on what ALS and the challenge is all about.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Easy Healthy Toasties

 Are you among those who flounder every morning missing breakfast in a rush to make it to work just in time?

If yes, then this post will help your struggling mornings. This post is about a quick fix for a yummy healthy breakfast.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wardrobe MUST HAVES For Girls

Alrightyyyy! So you must have already read infinite versions of “Wardrobe MUST haves”. This post is about MY take on the wardrobe essentials, not just restricted to the clothes section.

So we basically have three areas to cover. First, ofcourse the apparel followed by footwear and accessories.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For a Happy YOU

Hiiii! So here I am after an amazingly fantabulous weekend! It was my birthday weekend! 

Now I am clueless what your definition of a good weekend is. Afterall we all have different preferences. But my description of a good weekend revolves around relaxation, some personal time; time spent with family, catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee and some lots of self pampering. 

This post will focus on the last bit; the SELF-PAMPERING bit.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Easy Appetizers For a Party

So this Saturday we (my husband and I) hosted a small get together at our place. Now those who know me well know how meticulous I am when hosting a party. I like assuring everything is proper. OK! Atleast I try to do things in the best way possible *eyes rolling*.

Since we were doing a formal dinner after ages (the casual ones happen quite often with food usually ordered in) I wanted to make it special for everyone specially my husband. I was the chef for the evening. Don’t worry everyone’s stomachs are safe. Just incase you are thinking otherwise LOL.

Anyway so I would not be going crazy with the party details. In this post I will be sharing a few easy appetizers both, veg and non-veg that hardly take any effort and time but will surely make you the star of the evening. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Homemade Eggless Vanilla Cookies

Hi there. So I am back after quite sometime. But let me tell you I had my reasons. I had taken a small escape to Mumbai with friends and we had a good good time. I remember posting a series about my Mumbai trip last year. Anyway this post is not about Mumbai though I will share some pictures with you towards the end of this post. 

This post is about professional looking home baked vanilla cookies that too eggless.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Fluffy Summer Cotton Skirt

So here I am at home for a maika visit and my parents know it well that I can't sit at home for too long. 

We decided to make a short visit to the mall which ultimately got over only after five long hours *tummy full-feet hurting*

Anyway, the outing gave me an opportunity to bring to you another outfit post. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Peanut Butter - Jam sandwich with a TWIST

Goooooodmorning my lovelies.. I hope the day so far has been treating you well.

On a rare basis I am feeling a wee bit miserable. Reason? My dear husband is away for a business trip and I am missing him terribly. 

So to cheer myself up I decided to have one of favourite breakfast menus this morning; toast with peanut butter and jam. 

Now you must be wondering if I am crazy  for I am writing about a basic jam and butter toast you probably have everyday anyway. 

Yes, this post is about the usual jam and butter toast. BUT BUT BUT, it talks about adding a twist to it.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Like I promised in an earlier post that I will write about “denim-over-denim” soon, here I am. 

I know most of us dread the combination of denim-over-denim. The majority will either wear a pair of denim jeans with a t-shirt or a shirt and a denim shirt with tights or probably a skirt in different fabric.

I hope this post changes the way you think about the denim-over-denim combination. Believe me it looks uber cool!

Monday, June 16, 2014

High waisted shorts can never go out of vogue

There is something about high waisted shorts that help me maintain my love for them.

I feel they never go out of vogue unless you are a sticker for every latest trend forgetting the old classics.

Friday, June 13, 2014


an image from my instagram account

The broiling sun cooling down
The scorching heat relaxed, no reason to frown
A gentle caress by the refreshing breeze
A delightful escape from the sweat and unease

Monday, June 9, 2014



I am feeling quite content and philosophical today. I am not scaring you about the length of this write up. On the contrary I feel it is going to be relatively short but insightful. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Use Tube Dresses as Skirts now

I had never really thought that I would write about fashion for various reasons of my own.
 1. I do not hold a degree in the subject.
 2. I have never worked with a fashion house.

But then I questioned myself “does it even matter?”

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Like I have mentioned earlier that I do not really need a reason to bake, but if I have got one then nothing better.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vegetable Baked Dish

When you have assorted vegetables lying in your refrigerator and you are tired of making mixed vegetable in all its variations (Chinese style, Indian style…), this recipe that I am going to share with you today will come as a breather. I am talking about a baked dish in white sauce.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014


Now, let me confess that I am a hopeless romantic.  I am also one of those girls who spare a certain things not because they were or in some places still are considered taboo but only because they want to wait and do them with the right person. Don’t get the dirty mind horses racing and give the kinky nuances some rest. I am talking about tattoo art. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Culture Code Landscape by Adi and Suhail

L-R: Suhail and Adi (source:
So, I had taken a sabbatical from blogging for a fortnight but I have come back to share something really worth the wait. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Gobhi Keema

The other day my sis-in-law was planning to cook chicken biryani. She called up my husband to ask if he was ok with it. I asked OK? He will be exhilarated. Happy to the extent that he would dream about the biryani on his way back home and his mouth must have sweated already thinking about the yummy dish.

Unfortunately my sis-in-law could not get time to go to the market and get the chicken. Thinking about the expression of disappointment that would show on my charming husband’s face if he would have had to eat ghiya (bottle guard) for dinner, I started brain storming for more options that could be cooked.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Have you ever wondered?

Why are men so scared of marriage?

Why modern independent women fret about  union so much?

Why a married woman tells everyone that the courtship period was the best?

Why divorce rates are rising alarmingly?

Is marriage really that dreadful and gory?

Or is it just the fear of spending the rest of your life with that one person; sleeping besides him every night and waking up to him next to you every morning?

Is it the fear of sheer monotony?

I know I have probably asked you too many questions at once but think about it seriously. Why is the topic of matrimony so infamous amidst the youth these days?

Even a relationship, the so called “girlfriend-boyfriend” THING gets monotonous after six months. The couple fights even when they are dating and breaks up when it gets too much. Is breaking up the solution?
You will probably be with another person, get bored, fight and break up again. It will only be a series of break ups before you end up being lonely and alone.

Is the ease that one has in breaking up a relationship the reason why marriage is not preferred? Because  DIVORCE somehow sounds more serious than a break up?

But then if that is the case why is the number of divorces hitting a soaring high?

Even though we all love the glorious “being-single” days we cannot be alone forever. We all need some stability in life. We all need someone to share our lives with. We all need to get married someday. I call it companionship. 

I have been married for a year and a half and known my husband for a little over two years now. Courtship was not really the best time of my life like every married woman promises. 

I mean it was nice. It felt like going out for weekly dates. There were these little gestures that told me he cares. But it was nothing extraordinary. Infact I feel things got more special after we got married. 

Generally, a guy woos a girl insanely while they are in their courtship. The girl will be dressed to kill just for the boy.  But once they get married they get so comfortable that they stop wooing each other.
This is where the couples make a mistake and the monotony sinks in.

The couple stops dating.

Either one of the two people in any marriage begins to sway when boredom starts seeping in. Then he/she requires a new source of entertainment, be it insane drinking with his/her yet to be married guy or girl friends or getting involved in an extra marital affair.

But why reach that stage, I ask. I know every relationship hits its emotionally low point and that is absolutely fine but it does not mean that you simply choose to take an exit.

Why not keep marriage exciting always. Why not put in the same effort that you had put in when you tried to get the very same girl you are married to today?

Husbands and wives do not need expensive gestures all the time. Little ones every now and then keep the relationship alive. So do not give up on each other.

Giving a few examples from what my husband and I do, just take a cue at the nature of little but cute gestures.
  •   My husband has a meeting; he spots a Starbucks outlet opposite the place and buys my favourite “lemon loaf cake”. Cost = 125 INR.
  •   I know he has had a long tiring day; there is some chicken already in the freezer. I cook him a   chicken curry he absolutely loves. Cost = FREE!
  •   I make him origami pigeons with YOU and ME written on their wings. Cost = FREE!
    Made him these love birds :)
  •   I write him silly poems. Cost = PRICELESS
  •  He thanks me posting that poem on facebook (*eyes rolling* BUT *blush* AND *coy smile*). Cost = PRICELESS! 
    my poem posted on fb

Now these few examples that I shared would sound really stupid to some and some might go “AWWW” (I belong to the latter category :p).

I know every individual is different, but the point is that one MUST express. And I literally mean EXPRESS. Just because you know in your heart that you love her does not mean that she would not mind those three words coming out from your lips. 

Lets be honest, his parents will go someday and yours also will. Your kids will grow up and have their own lives. The only one you will have next to you ALL the time will be your spouse. So celebrate each other. Do not forget each other while fulfilling life's obligations.

Keep dating. Boy you continue to put in some effort to keep her interested and girl, you better keep yourself prim and proper for him and for yourself ofcourse! You two are probably too busy with your social circles, but do go out for a date once in a while and I DO NOT mean a double date but just the two of you.

Before I got married my mom and I used to go out for coffee. Alright we could have made coffee at home also, then why go out? I realised it is because when you are at home you are doing your own separate things. But going to a different place with a different ambience gives you a chance to talk, to catch up even being in the same house. We always ended up talking about things we had never thought we would talk about (Mom, I miss our coffee dates :( ).

I apply the same philosophy to marriage. The couple has to get out for these, lunch, dinner, movie and coffee dates to keep discovering new things about each other. If you have got kids leave them with the grandparents for a day, believe me they will love it too! (I say so, because my parents did so off and on. They were happy. We were happy.)

One has to understand that as a relationship grows older the two individuals also evolve and so there are new things to learn about each other. There is much more to explore as you grow older together.

And then they disparage marriage calling it monotonous! HUH!!

Marriage is a job you have to go to for the rest of your life. And yes you have to work at it! Give it your best shot. Don’t you work your a** off to get that measly raise? Then why a little effort in this job hurt so much.

Marriage is a life long journey. So always keep the vehicle’s tank called love full. If that empty sign starts blinking, do not stop the car and take a cab. It is just a signal telling you to get the fuel.

Falling in love is easy. Falling out of it is even easier. But falling in love over and over again with the very same person is the real task.

I do not hold a Masters degree in “Marriage” but being with my crazy yet adorable husband for two years now I have understood a few fundamentals of this appalling subject.

Respect your spouse. Love him/her. Make him/her your priority. And everything else in life will just fall in place.

If you are one of those couples, where the empty tank is giving a glowing signal, it is not too late. Go hug your partner tonight and tell her how much you love her.

P.S.: Dear Husband, I Love You. Now and Forever.