Friday, November 14, 2014

A Glimpse of Goa

A pint of Kingfisher Premium, freshly fried fish and chips and the picturesque beach ahead; if there is one place that comes to our minds after reading this its Goa. I am sure half of you have already started imagining yourselves there. 

There is something about this former Portuguese province that puts one to ease. It is extremely chilled out and for once you feel that you are altogether in a different country. 

This was luckily my second visit to Goa in a year. Ok my husband and I do love Goa but a leisure trip to this easy breezy city was not on our minds till my dear husband announced that he has SERIOUS WORK in Goa (Yes people go to Goa for work also!).  Now a little weekend holiday after work in GOA could not hurt anyone haha. So we jumped at the opportunity and landed in Goa. 

Unlike our last trip, this time we stayed in Panjim (capital of Goa) and explored a different part of the city besides the regular beach madness. We behaved more like travellers than tourists. While my husband was at work I took a stroll to the Dona Paula Jetty in Panjim, took a local bus to Miramar Beach and enjoyed a coffee all by myself. We boarded the ferry with our rented two-wheeler to reach the other side, just like the locals. We dug our fingers in Goan fish curry and rice and binged our way till our tummies yelled. A walk for a few minutes and we were ready for a portion of fish fingers. We visited Old Goa, captured the Holy Places and lifelong memories in our minds.

So here are a few pictures giving you a little glimpse of our Goa trip. Hope you like them and they make you want to visit the city.

One of the many vendors at Dona Paula Jetty. While the place has become more popular after a scene of the movie Singham was shot here, what caught my eye was the first item on the list.

Lazy bones at Dona Paula

Sleepy Kitties in the by lanes of Goa

Captured Mr. Conductor. Enroute Miramar Beach.

Happy feet at Miramar Beach

Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. This is located in the centre of  Panjim City, hence this part is also popularly known as the Church Square

The grand entrance of Se Catherdral, Old Goa

Lighting the candles at Se Cathedral.

Dear Husband too shy to get clicked LOL

New Development in Panjim City. High Rise Buildings agaisnt the Colourful old architechture

Boarding and Deboarding the ferry

Loved these Barrel shaped chairs at Down the Riverfront, Panjim

What are good times without the King of Good times *wink*

close to nature. at Cidade Di Goa Resort, Panjim

heading to the beach

need i say more?

with the man i love

who would want to have dinner at 8 if Goa has 24*7 eatieries like this? Tropical 24*7, Calangute Road

I hope the pictures brought some of your own wonderful moments back. You will be disappointed to have not found a single picture of the food we had, but most of the times we behaved like hungry monkeys and cleaned our plates in no time. Maybe next time :)

P.S.: I just realised that this is My little Diary's 100th post. Cheers to that and Cheers to the beautiful memories Goa has given to us *BIG SMILE*


  1. Congratulation Ankita on your 100th post and keep going best of luck

  2. Congrats on your 100th post. goa is an amazing place if one moves away from t he crowded dirty beaches. Plenty to explore, experience and shoot.