Monday, December 19, 2016

Mothers do you have an answer?

So all this time I have written posts; some generic,  some about relationships and most about food. However, today as I was driving back home while my daughter sat in my help’s lap, amidst all the noise of the traffic and the curry on the road I realised how I have lost patience in general after adorning the jewelled crown of motherhood. I suddenly got lost in my thoughts and it occurred to me how I never spoke of or posted about my dark side ( not that there is much to it and don't pretend you don't have any huh!); my failings or my weaknesses. 

Anyway so here I am sharing my shortcoming. Ideally my  patience level should go a notch higher because supposedly and theoretically   kids teach you the twisted art of keeping calm. I am not denying that I am a very patient mother to  my daughter who is soon going to turn seven months old. I still haven't doddered her like some mothers confess they do at the sight and sound of their wailing babies.

However I get a short circuit too, and recently too often doing general day to day chores. Not that my lack of patience has killed someone. My daughter has not had the brunt of it yet but my dearest younger sister and my mom have surely had a taste of my impatience. With my fuse going off I have yelled at them, ordered them like I own them (in my heart I believe I own these women). Sometimes they obey and the other times they yell back. 

Nevertheless, shutting my thoughts I honked and drove all the way back home. Now as I lay in my bed, my feet tucked in the quilt, the whistling of the mosquitoes in my room remind me again of my increased level of impatience. So I thought I will bounce the question at other mothers; have you experienced a low balance in your patience account after experiencing motherhood. Do you think my losing patience is normal/human or am I the crazy one? 

Let me know. Goodnight.