Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To the Readers

So, I had absolutely no plans to write this post today for several reasons. Firstly my dearest darling sister is getting married this month. Secondly, my sister like sis-in-law who is no less than a friend has got fixed. As if my duties as badi didi (elder sister) and bhabi (sister-in-law) were any less that Almighty scheduled one of our closest friends wedding also this month. 

If I mark the days on the calendar this month for the events I have to help organise let alone attend and host, my April 2015 is nothing but circles. While there is too much of hitched happiness in the air (touchwood) I would not deny the fact that it is keeping me on my toes, literally (read: shopping and staying fit), which points out to the reason I have been away for almost a month. I would have still kept myself from writing this post today, but in the last few days I noticed a hike in the number of likes “My little Diary” has fetched on Facebook. 

I will not lie when I say that I am surprised to see the growing likes for the page. “My little Diary” had started with a humble 100-110 likes that too from people who already knew me. But in the last few months the page has been receiving likes from people from various places, who I have never met and the response has been nothing but overwhelming.