Friday, July 21, 2017

Healthy Homemade Cookies For Kids and Everyone


I have always loved baking. However, I have also been moody with it. For example when I got married I baked a lot for the family. I baked for my husband on every special occasion ( check out my strawberry cupcakes from one Valentine’s Day). 

With adira in our lives now I have been so busy doing the mundane chores that my other hobbies had taken a backseat. But I am glad that I am back to doing those things again. Ofcourse not at the same pace but I am definitely doing them again. 

Baking is one of those things. I don’t bake everyday anyway but I had completely left it for a while. 

Contrary to my excuse for not baking, now adira is my reason to bake. You know how kids love biscuits. Also, biscuits come to our rescue when out for dinner or in a public place to keep these toddlers occupied. No, I am not proud of handing her a biscuit every time. Rather a lot of times I carry fresh cuts of cucumber/carrot/apple/pear. But sometimes these kids just need a biscuit.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Moms of Instagram

The title of this post hints a lot about what this post is going to be about. Yes it is going to be about moms; moms of instagram. And no this is no informative post. This one is personal. 

I had already had a few friends who became mothers around the same time as I did and we shared similar stories and experiences often. It didn't really take place over social media but yes a lot over the phone.

Then one day I just stumbled upon a mother’s account on instagram who had been reasonably popular among other mothers.  This mother was an entrepreneur, a blogger and so much more. I followed her account and realised how bizarrely similar every mother’s story is yet so different with its little elements. Though this mother’s kid is a year ahead of adira I could still relate so much with her.

Anyway through her account I discovered so many more mothers all sailing in the same boat, going through the very same complex combination of emotions; emotions of tiredness, happiness, anxiety, excitement all rolled into one. Isn't this all what motherhood is about?