Monday, July 29, 2013

mrs's birthday

tiramisu cake
one weekend, two families, three celebrations, four venues, five cakes and innumerable moments. it is just the perfect statement to summarize my first birthday as mrs.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

marriage: the tranquilizer

one of my favourite candid moments from our wedding

 all the philosophical gab (which i won't deny, i do a lot at times) and a piece of "it is the right thing to do " advice is generally easier said than done, specially when it comes to tackling an argument in a new marriage. before marriage both, the girl and the boy, will get all the worldly advice from the parents, relatives and the married friends(the singletons would just laugh it off). they would suggest "be patient, try to understand each other". others would say "bring the change for the better slowly and steadily". and then comes the best one "in a fight, if one gets hot headed, the other should remain calm". this post majorly concerns the last suggestion.

Monday, July 22, 2013

my husband's pizzeria

before we had wed, i had heard a lot about my husband's love for making pizzas. now i would not deny, my husband is an above average cook. he is GOOD. however, in the eight months of our marriage i did not get a taste of the highly praised pizzas. ever since my husband had the baby pizzas i made as a snack for the guests the other day, he had been insistent on making them for the family. so we chose friday night for my husband's special pizza treat.

Friday, July 19, 2013

planned shopping = happy shopping

image source:google
 yesterday i went shopping and i realized how a certain things can make your shopping experience better. shopping is one thing women would never say no to, until n unless it is grocery shopping :p. any day or anytime is good for us provided the showrooms and the malls are open. however, shop till you drop is generally an occasional statement for the masses. we all have a certain budget. it is always wise to plan your shopping a little in advance to get the most out of your set budget. so i thought of sharing the tried and tested tips that i generally use when i go shopping not just keeping the money account in mind but also to make the shopping trip pleasant.

1. set a budget keeping your pocket in mind. keep reminding yourself about the sum of money you have shelled out for the shopping trip.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

my take : bhaag milkha bhaag

i had been looking forward to watching bhaag milkha bhaag since the time i saw it's trailer. it was undoubtedly  impressive. however my husband was not equally keen. my sister-in-law went for the screening and came back home with mixed reviews. however, i wanted to make an opinion about it only after i had watched it myself. so after a bit of pleading and a bit of nagging, we decided to go for it with a friend. our tickets were booked for a 9:15 pm show. we had a quick bite at haldirams for dinner and proceeded for the movie.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

the cake with a twist

Everytime I think of a tea cake, starbucks' lemon drizzle loaf that I once had during my cardiff days comes to my mind. For the longest time I have been dreaming about the simple yet unique flavoured cake and I could not find it at any of the regular coffee shops that we visit everyday(I didn't get the time to specially go hunting for it). my knack for trying new flavours and my husband's birthday celebration with the near and dear ones gave me all the more reason to satiate my taste buds quaking in my mouth for that particular taste.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

mumbai masala

After sharing the train journey experience, a friend suggested me to share the mumbai story, hence this post. we all know mumbai is not just one of the country's metropolitan cities but also the financial hub. it is the city that never sleeps. the strong presence of bollywood is just one element that adds character to this surreal city. the local people and the local food add more depth to the city. marathi conversations can be heard everywhere in the background. the local people have a  unique dialect(note to people from north: i know  you think they are rude, but the truth is it is just way their  language is spoken). as the indian cinema has continued to showcase, it is a city of dreams where people come to achieve and attain new heights. so besides the local population you will find a huge number of people drifting in from various regions of the country for better opportunities.with the sea as its companion, mumbai has a unique feel to it (i cannot compare delhi and mumbai because the comparison won't lead us anywhere. they are distinct and special in their very own ways).

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the chuk chuk experience

Me and my husband had been planning a trip to jalgaon and mumbai for three months now. To the former for work reasons and the latter for leisure. However, we did not get the flight tickets booked in advance since the plan was still cooking on low flame then.

Only three days prior to making the actual journey the trip was confirmed. Our train tickets were done in tatkaal. I was making a train journey after ages, not that I always fly but since the recent trips have been up north, road journeys have always been preferred.