Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Grilled Chicken Platter

It is kind of ironical for me to write a food post about meat on a Tuesday but anyway. So, some chicken was lying in our deep freezer. I have cooked chicken the Indian way a lot of times. This time I thought of cooking it and presenting it a little differently.

I decided to present my husband with a platter just the way you get at fancy restaurants. The platter consisted of some grilled chicken with sautéed vegetables, mushroom rice and mashed potatoes on the sides, drizzled with some white sauce.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

AAM Dessert

Summer is the perfect excuse to indulge in icecream after every possible meal. While there are various flavours available in the market it is always good to try something different using icecream especially when you have some people coming over.

On Saturday night we had some guests over and I decided to give the final touch to the meal with some AAM sweetness. 

Most of us have vanilla icecream with mango cubes for dessert in summers. I decided to prepare an extremely simple dessert involving these two ingredients. Believe me the effort put in this dessert is minimal and the compliments that will follow will be many!