Wednesday, June 26, 2013

assumptions and prejudices of the twisted human brain

image source:some ecards
image source:some ecards

 this morning a very funny incident happened which gave me the idea for this post. i made a parantha for breakfast for my husband. i served it to him, he had two bites and i shot the question "how is it?" he replied "very nice". a minute later i told him that it is cooked in olive oil. instantly he replied "no no, it is not that great". i swear i could not control my laughter. i realized how psychology plays a substantial role in our liking or disliking a certain person or thing.

Monday, June 24, 2013

an unconventional weekend

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as soon as friday says hello we start dreaming of the weekend. plans start cooking; where to party on saturday? which movie to catch? what chore to complete on sunday?and then where to have that evening coffee?. i swear planning weekends are fun (it is another thing that weekend plans always come with last minute amendments before the final execution).

better or BUTTER half

better half(image sourec:google)
butter half(image source:google)
 Just the other day my sister who is a fitness freak could not help lauding this particular couple that comes to the gym. They recently had a baby and the husband is now helping the wife get back in shape by accompanying her to the gym. The way my sister describes him, he is a constant boost for his wife. I was amazed to hear about them. I felt glad knowing the extent to which  partners have become cooperative and supportive these days when it comes to fitness.

Friday, June 21, 2013

every song has a story

The other day i was listening to the song raabta from the movie Agent Vinod and it brought back the memories of my courtship period. i realized every song has some story to it. it can remind you of a particular person or a certain place or just good times. for some the song is significant because the lyrics are relevant and for others it is significant for the crazy beats it provided to dance the night away with friends.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the tinda tale

my mom has always been modest when asked about her cooking skills. but i for a fact know that she has always been amazing and has only got better over the years. she keeps experimenting. she tries to make a new and different version of the old styled conventional dishes by adding some or the other twist to them.

Monday, June 17, 2013

the perfect omlette

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after a heavy dinner and even heavier stomachs, this morning called for a light breakfast. i opted for a simple mix of yogurt, fruits and some muesli. and then, i popped up my routine question to my husband "what will you have for breakfast?". now i still don't know if it is my husband's liking towards vague statements or if he simply wants to play the options game with me always, he answered "i will have something light" (wow that was helpful i thought *eyes rolling*). i asked him "cornflakes?"(option 1) and no came the reply. then sticking to the safe bet i asked " so eggs and toast?"(option2) and after him giving it a pensive thought my anticipation came to an end with his yes(sigh of relief!). so "omlette and toast" it was for him.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

OUR first rain

it is not that it has not rained before this year. i had mentioned the translucent rain a few days back in the other post.  my husband had been repeating himself incessantly about bathing and playing when it rains since forever(we are kids at heart :p).  but because we were at our workplace the other day, the plan of bathing under the nature's translucent shower could not be implemented. we both love rains so i was all game for going crazy and was looking forward to the monsoon(2012 same time we were in the courtship period, and ours being an arranged set up we could not really go crazy bathing together in the rain).

Saturday, June 15, 2013

a candid tryst

a couple of months back i was talking to my english teacher from school through messages on facebook and she told me she would be visiting noida soon, most probably in may this year. we thought of catching up while she would be in town. i told my family and my husband about her, that how she has been one of the coolest teachers i have ever had, how grateful i am for she had imbibed in us the habit to carry a pocket dictionary all the time and refer to it when needed (i still do it, the difference is that now i have the dictionary on my phone). i could not stop singing her praises for she is one person who played the role of being a friend and a teacher equally well at the same time. she taught us english and was our class teacher for good two years (2004-2006) and left when our batch finished school in 2006, since her husband was in defence and was posted to some other place. most of the students stayed in touch with her and shared the events happening in their has always been so easy to confide in her, she listens to you and gives you just the right piece of advice.

Friday, June 14, 2013

the translucent rain

while sitting at my desk, i just took a quick glimpse of the window behind me and to my surprise it was raining. it was not a drizzle. it was definitely more powerful than any of our bathroom showers. it was pouring elephants and rhinos (as of now it is cats and dogs).

raining is one thing but wind and rain together is a deadly combination. and i could see exactly that happening then. the wind was so strong and the rain drops as sharp as they could get. it reduced the visibility which is why i named it the translucent rain. i could not have wished more to be at home right now enjoying the nature bath (sigh). but i could still feel the rain so i went and stood at the window. the minute rain droplets splashed on my face like freshly formed dew. it was like a sprinkler working at its best in a reminded me of my post-graduation days in cardiff, wales. windy rains were  a usual there. it obviously brought back good memories and my floundering walks way back home from the university.

it has stopped pouring now. the sky looks happy and clear (not gloomy which it generally is before the rain).  the wind is succeeded by the fresh cool breeze.the trees around my workplace look lush and greener with their leaves swishing away on the tunes of the breeze.the short lived translucent rain did lift everyone's spirits up. i am already looking forward to the evening :).

Thursday, June 13, 2013

It is all in the HAIR

image source:google
image source:google
i have always known the importance of a good haircut and that how well a pair of scissors can transform your looks.but the realisation became just deeper with my new haircut.

i had last got a haircut some six months back. my hair had grown extremely long with just a few steps towards the end. i was truly in love with them till my younger sister saw one of my pictures and brought to my notice that my hair look too plain and makes me look older than my age. Doubt about anything is a disease. once it is planted in your brain it just keeps growing. So this observation of my sister about my hair made me doubt if my hair really looked that good or if they are boring like my sister mentioned. i started hating them and could not wait to get a haircut (which initially was scheduled for next month).

in desperation, i accompanied my husband to the salon (since his haircut was due). looking at my hair, the stylist first complimented me and then wondered why i hadcome for a cut after six long months. he chopped off a finger long length (which i was so proud of :(and had been growing for all this while) in the name of dead ends. he gave my hair lots of layers and i won't lie to you that it made me look my age (i am being modest :p). i look fresh now. the poor stylist requested me to schedule an appointment for another trim after 1.5 months if i had wanted healthy hair (i am still thinking about it).

but there is no denying that i look so much better with the new cut. so if your haircut is due or you are looking for an image transformation do not wait any longer just go get it done for "it is all in the HAIR" :)

me post haircut

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


goodmorning!looking at the clear sky and feeling the fresh breeze, this morning could not have got any better after an amazing monday night. yes i am talking about a monday night! mondays are generally mundane and dreadful but last night was an exception.

i met my friends (all of them together) after a month and a half and any moment can turn into a special one when you have some good wine, better music and the best company. we got together at a friend's place for drinks, everyone was high (some on alcohol, some on music and some just on the feel of that moment). we turned into teens who had just entered college (that is how we all met...aaahh how i miss the venky(sri venkateswara college, DU) days). there was slow dancing, candid conversations and loads of laughter.

we chose KAINOOSH at dlf promenade, delhi for dinner. a well done up place(i fell in love with their chandeliers)  for mughlai/north indian food. the service and the quality of the food made our evening even better.

we called it a night with loads of hugs and then more hugs followed by some more tight embraces lol. remembering the night, i feel blessed to have such friends. thank you god for everything.

P.S.: good times; courtesy: my dear husband. the night would not have been possible without you

Monday, June 10, 2013

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani: My Take

my husband's disliking for movies like DDLJ, K3G and my friends' busy schedules brought a sad thought to my mind that i might not be able to watch YJHD (i was really looking forward to watching it). but sometimes some impromptu plans get you exactly what you want and that is what happened this afternoon.

a plan to watch YJHD with family was made suddenly and since it was a family plan my husband couldn'r say no(heeehhaaaha: devil laugh). we reached the multiplex 20 minutes late(courtesy:traffic) but i was too elated to come for the movie so the traffic didn't really dampen my spirit.

Coming to my take on the movie, which is what this post is actually about, i would say i liked it. it is a typical karan johar movie, full of grandeur, good dancing numbers and a big star cast. the movie revolves around four friends and how their relationship changes and evolves over the years. there are some stagnant moments and times where you feel the movie feels stretched but overall it makes a good watch. besides ranbir kapoor being a treat for the girls the other actors, deepika padukone, aditya roy kapoor and kalki bring fresh energies to the script. it is very different from  director, ayan mukerji's debut film "wake up sid" . even with all the magnificence the youngsters will still relate to the movie( i did, it reminded me of my wedding  and specially the cocktail evening with my friends...i love u all).

so the verdict for YJHD  is that it is definitely a good watch if you have no plans for the evening.

P.S.: the girls will love deepika's cute dresses during the first half.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

In the memory of the people who are gone

today a tweet about "luchi" which is a deep fried flat bread made of wheat flour reminded me of childhood days with my nani. nani used to serve us luchis with mango pickle and it was pure bliss. My mouth is watering right now visualizing those luchis in my head. it got me all philosophical and made me think  pensively about the hollow space that a person leaves in our hearts once they are gone from our lives. all that is left of them are memories, the way they spoke or the way they danced or a special dish that only they could make(truth: that could not taste the same if anyone else cooked it).

for example my mom still misses my nani for the "fruit chaat" she used to prepare for her; the winter goodness of guavas, bananas and apples mixed with a basic dressing of lime juice, chaat masala and black salt.

my dad misses my nani for her simple "dood paranthas" (flour mixed with milk instead of water and kneaded to make a dough for paranthas).

my nanu misses her for "firni" (rice pudding) sprinkled with finely chopped almonds served in kulhads(terracotta cup).

so in our own hungry ways you are always on our mind nani, and we remember you not just for the amazing food you cooked for us but also for the gem of a person you were. thank you for loving us selflessly. you are truly missed :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

the "MAD MEN" series bug

so the news is, that i have been bitten by the "MAD MEN" series bug. i won't lie to you, but i have always been more of a "GOSSIP GIRL" series  person but thanks to my husband who introduced MM to me and since then i have been hooked on to it.

MM is about the advertising sector in the U.S. in the 1960s. it not just showcases the working of the advertising agencies but also portrays the personal lives of the people working with these entities. MM can inspire you to come up with new unconventional ideas. it is like fresh breeze cutting through the monotony of general chick flicks (which i usually like :p). it is amazing how different people bring in a unique evergy to the working of the company.

for all the girls out there, you have a reason to watch MM too; fashion. u will fall in love with the polka dots and the collared dresses, the scarves and the fedoras. i love the way the women in the series have been accessorized.

So if you have spare time, do watch MM and let me know if you feel the way i do....:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

the welcome post

it is funny how the news of my first day at work got me so excited that i entirely forgot to post the so called "welcome note" but as they say 'better late than never' so here i am with my welcome note.

it feels good to FINALLY start blogging. one of my very good friends has been persuading me to start blogging for ages now but the series of events in my life lead to constant procrastination.

this blog doesn't restrict to one area of life, to be honest it will be about everything in life in general, be it a new flavoured cake i bake or a quirky looking person i notice in the  metro. it may vary from the review on a new product i buy to my take on a new movie.

i hope those who come across "MY little DIARY" enjoy reading it and can relate to the posts. the readers' feedback will be appreciated.

now that i my dear husband is glaring at the laptop screen thinking what really am i really doing (lol) it is time to sign off....till the next post bye!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It is often said that every morning brings with it a new hope and a new promise for a better future. It holds true for this morning. There was this task that i was looking at for the last six months, to do something productive. And this morning my husband randomly asked me while we were silently chewing away our breakfast "how long will you take to get ready to accompany me to work?", I won't lie to you but it was one of the best questions he asked me in the six months of our marriage.

The morning and the question brought with it a new direction to my life. Finally i felt that my potential will be put to use, my knowledge and skills will be honed. A "feel good" feeling of contributing towards something. This was undoubtedly a good day. It was my FIRST day at work :D.