Friday, January 31, 2014

mark your book your way!

I was cleaning my room yesterday and came across the wedding card of a friend. It was sitting in the shelf for reference just in case we wanted to confirm the date or the venue as the wedding came closer. We were done with the wedding and so the card was no longer required.

The very moment I was about to discard it my eyes fell on the book that I am reading these days. To mark the last read page I had used a tissue paper that was slipped inside the book. That sure made my otherwise bright coloured book look dull and shabby.

Then the idea struck me. The wedding card was undoubtedly pretty. So I asked myself “why not recycle and reuse it?”

Monday, January 27, 2014

the eventful january

I must say, January has been quite eventful. The New Year spirit is still sinking in when Lohri comes knocking at your door (the 13th of January). It brings with it the playfulness of popcorn, the sweetness of jaggery, the nuttiness of peanuts and the warmth of til (sesame).

I was still feeling guilty about gorging insanely on all the Lohri sweets, when we had to attend a Sai Sandhya hosted by a close relative to mark the beginning of the wedding of their son (the 17th of January). Once the evening came to an end we started preparing ourselves for the crazy season of north Indian peak-winter weddings awaiting us.

Monday, January 13, 2014

the childlike heart

image source:google

The desire for the deep red cherry chunks
To be crowned on the head of the creamy sweet snow mountain
The desire for that emancipated conga
To feel the fresh droplets of the very first rain
Arghhh!! Whims and fancies of a childlike heart