Friday, May 23, 2014


Now, let me confess that I am a hopeless romantic.  I am also one of those girls who spare a certain things not because they were or in some places still are considered taboo but only because they want to wait and do them with the right person. Don’t get the dirty mind horses racing and give the kinky nuances some rest. I am talking about tattoo art. 

I called it taboo because the majority still looks at a person wearing a tattoo dubiously.  They stereotype that boy/girl as a bad person with bad habits. I am happy that the trend is changing and the thinking process of people is getting altered. 

While some people get a tattoo just for fun, the others look for a deeper meaning or have some story behind the tattoo. I used to watch this series called “LA Ink” on TLC and it was amazing to listen to the stories of people who came to that tattoo parlour. People getting tattoos in memory of their parents, cancer survivors, proud parents of lovely kids, they had stories of all kinds.

In our Indian society most parents still jump out of the bed if the kid pops up the question “mom can I get a tattoo?” LOL. They think of it as a disease. I think sometimes they fear tattoos because they feel the kids aren’t mature enough to understand what they really want and I admit that their concerns are genuine. My mom too used to fret.  But over the years, watching us (my bro, sis and I) grow up into mature and sensible individuals she has warmed up to the idea. And, luckily my in-laws aren’t too fussy when it comes to tattoo art. I am glad!

I feel Tattoo art is a beautiful form of expression.  And I absolutely adore it. First, it requires guts and then a lot of thought; guts because it hurts (like they say no pain no gain) and thought because it will stay with you for life until you have the patience and deep pockets to sit through those difficult laser sessions.

I had always wanted to get myself inked first with my Mr. Right. I mentioned already that I am a hopeless romantic. I had created this beautiful design in my head that I wanted the two of us to wear since forever (don’t roll your eyes, I am telling you again that I am a hopeless romantic).

However, post marriage I realised that my adorable Mr. Right is not so fond of tattoos (my bad!). But I expressed my urge to him and that how I have been waiting to get inked with him. 

To me tattoo is a token of love, a gesture that will be with us for life. Unlike the materialistic gifts it is the only thing that will always remind us of each other even when we are not around and the only thing we can take with us to our graves (too philosophical! I know!).

Surprisingly, my husband did not argue much. He was not up for the exact design that I had wanted since he thought it was too girly but he gave in to my request for wedding band tattoos. As long as we were getting something signifying our matrimonial bond I was happy *BIGGEST SMILE*. 

I won’t lie, I did my homework.  I kept shortlisting designs and my husband kept rejecting them. He found all designs either too girly or plain stupid (it was so hard to find something he liked..arghh!).

So, after all my failed attempts at finding something that my husband approved of we decided to go straight to this tattoo parlour named HAWK TATTOO this Sunday. We asked the tattoo artist (Tenzen) to suggest us some designs. I explained him how I would not mind our initials in the band and an infinity sign. Understanding our requirement Tenzen came up with a beautiful design. 

The band has two As standing magnificently in the middle like two strong pillars followed by the infinity sign at both ends. Both, my husband and I instantly fell in love with the design. It was dainty and unique. 
our customised wedding bands...
Unlike my sister who was fearless while getting inked and already adorns three great tattoos, I got butterflies in my stomach once I sat on the seat. I asked Tenzen if it will hurt and he replied “just like ants biting that’s it” (now who likes getting bitten by ants?).

But anyway, as soon as he fixed a fresh new needle into the machine and got his gloves on, I started with my OM NAMAH SHIVAYE jaap (hymn). I was asked not to look at the tattoo and not to close my eyes since it makes one lose concentration. I followed what I was asked to do. I swear it did not hurt much.

As promised by Tenzen the tattoo was done in five minutes. It looked absolutely perfect. I fell in love with it.

Then came by husband’s turn and I must say he too survived it. The experience was absolutely amazing.
We got our tattoos clicked and then captured a moment with Tenzen who is absolutely amazing at his job. Dear Tenzen, thank you again!
(L-R) Tenzen, me and my husband

We were given after care tips for a smooth healing process before we left.

If you are planning to get a tattoo, keep a few things in mind.
Get something that is significant to you.  Put in some thought.

Once you have decided what you want, do some homework. You will find a lot of designs for whatever you want online. Take some ideas.

Choose a tattoo parlour that is known for its work and its cleanliness. Hygiene is a MUST.

Choose your tattoo artist carefully. Check the kind of work he has done earlier. References always help. Hawk Tattoo and Tenzen was referred to us by a friend.

Eat something before your tattoo session. An empty stomach can make you feel dizzy.

P.S.: I can’t stop looking at my tattoo :D


  1. The tattoo looks beautiful :) I've been wanting to get one for the longest time now and just keep postponing cause in my head I know I might just regret a design sooner or later hehe :D somedaaayy though :)

    also your so right there is this sudden image that people have in their mind .. tattoo equals bad :) but I'm glad it is changing :D and LA ink .. Miami Ink used to be my favorites :D hehe

    1. I hv seen ppl regretting their decision to gt a tattoo and that's y I say it needs some thought.. And yes I loved both the shows. Amazing ideas :)