Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For a Happy YOU

Hiiii! So here I am after an amazingly fantabulous weekend! It was my birthday weekend! 

Now I am clueless what your definition of a good weekend is. Afterall we all have different preferences. But my description of a good weekend revolves around relaxation, some personal time; time spent with family, catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee and some lots of self pampering. 

This post will focus on the last bit; the SELF-PAMPERING bit.

For a minute stop doing whatever you are doing besides reading my blog ofcourse! And think. When was the last time you pampered yourself. By pampering I do not mean your regular visit to the salon to keep yourself clean and hygienic. 

When was the last time you did something for yourself solely because YOU like it? Generally we forget doing things for ourselves because we are either too busy doing the mundane day to day chores or are occupied keeping others satisfied. 

The other times we are too foolish expecting from our loved ones to make us feel special. 

We often expect the special treatment from our spouses/partners. But I ask why? Why can’t you do something for yourself? 

I am still too young to give a wise sagely piece of advice but I love to share what has worked with me hoping it would work with you too.

I have always believed in loving myself. Now you can call that vain. But i look at it as the key to keeping myself happy. Ok! I won’t lie, sometimes I do expect a TINY little bit (LOL) but the next moment I ask myself “why can’t I do this for myself?”

You will find it absurd and might call it just another philosophical stunt but it’s tried and tested; if you keep yourself happy, if you PAMPER YOURSELF, you will automatically find happiness all around.

Over the recent years I have learnt that when we wait for others to pamper us, to make us feel special, we are mostly led down. This makes us sad and grumpy feeling dejected. So the best solution to this is to stop expecting from others and help yourself. Do things YOU like for YOURSELF.

Long back in the movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Madhuri Dixit bought herself gifts on Valentine’s Day. A lot of you may have found it silly then but believe me what she did is the mantra to a HAPPY YOU.

Don’t expect anyone to buy you flowers or gifts. You are a modern day independent girl. Can’t you buy yourself some flowers because YOU love them? When men get you flowers, they often do not even know which flower is your favourite. So why wait for them to buy something you don’t even like?

Go get a spa or a foot massage. It is an amazing way to spoil yourself.

Gift yourself your favourite things, be it books, clothes, accessories or lingerie. It will make you feel sooo sooo good. Just TRY it!

Pampering yourself is the ultimate therapy to a HAPPY YOU.

You know yourself better. You can make yourself happy with so much ease. All you have to do is love yourself. Be in a relationship with yourself too! For if you are happy other things will fall in a happy place automatically and perfectly.

P.S.: Dear Men, please do not take offense. The same mantra applies to you too *wink*