Tuesday, July 16, 2013

my take : bhaag milkha bhaag

i had been looking forward to watching bhaag milkha bhaag since the time i saw it's trailer. it was undoubtedly  impressive. however my husband was not equally keen. my sister-in-law went for the screening and came back home with mixed reviews. however, i wanted to make an opinion about it only after i had watched it myself. so after a bit of pleading and a bit of nagging, we decided to go for it with a friend. our tickets were booked for a 9:15 pm show. we had a quick bite at haldirams for dinner and proceeded for the movie.

bhaag milkha bhaag is a movie  inspired by the true life story of an indian sportsperson milkha singh. in the movie, milkha singh, played by farhan akhtar, is potrayed as a partition refugee who lost his parents in riots.  he is brought up by his elder sister(divya dutta), whose life is also a constant struggle. with a determined spirit, he joins the indian army to prove his mettle to everyone including his love, Biru(sonam kapoor). the army sports coach (pavan malhotra) recognizes his talent and he is chosen to represent the army in a race. this is just the beginning. milkha singh is constantly bogged down by the thought of his past (the loss of his parents in pakistan) with continuous efforts to make the most of the opportunities he is presented with(national and international level races).

now i am not a movie critic by profession, but i am the audience. so here is my take on the movie (some people would agree with me and some might disagree).

 the cinematography and the way the movie was captivated in visuals is kudos worthy. though the emotions are captured till the edge, it gets a bit too much. to the extent that the movie seems unnecessarily stretched and elongated, with songs that could have been easily avoided.

the movie has a few funny moments however in some places the humour seems forced. i feel rakesh omprakash mehra(director) could have made it an easier watch for the public without dragging it out so much(i could see people yawning through it since it was terribly long).

the cast of the movie is well chosen, with everyone doing justice to their roles. farhan akhar is outstanding. i would call it his best act till date. divya dutta and pavan malhotra have played their characters really well. even the child actor playing the role of milkha in his childhood days has done a good job. the boys would have loved to watch sonam kapoor for a bit longer (that would have come as a breather to them to bear the length of the movie).

the movie is recommended only for two reasons, the first one being farhan akhtar (he is a treat to watch in the movie) and secondly for the excellent visualization and cinematography.

p.s: it is only for the tenacious people who can hold on to their seats for 3 hours and 7 minutes.

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