Monday, July 29, 2013

mrs's birthday

tiramisu cake
one weekend, two families, three celebrations, four venues, five cakes and innumerable moments. it is just the perfect statement to summarize my first birthday as mrs.

unlike every year i did not set a countdown for the d-day (i have always been an excited soul when it comes to birthdays :p). so before i realized it was friday night, my birthday eve. now generally before marriage, my family followed the ritual of calling in the birthday by cutting a cake at 12 am. however, i did acknowledge the fact that there are a few changes once you get married. so i was not expecting the 12 am celebration.

 me and my husband were watching television when my sister-in-law called me telling that there is someone at the door. and then the next call was my brother's asking me to open the door. i was pleasantly surprised. my brother and sister had come all the way from gurgaon to celebrate the 12 am ritual. 

celebration 1

i had just reached the door when i saw another two cars sliding into the parking of our house(venue 1). it was my husband's friends. the smile on my face got broader. not wanting to disturb my inlaws we all quietly went upstairs . while i was still meeting and greeting everyone, three cakes were placed on the table.
12 am cake cutting ritual
the first one being tiramisu(one of my two favourite flavours and i was more than happy that my husband remembered it), the second one was baked by my sister. knowing the importance of fitness in our lives she baked me a wheat and oatmeal cake with raisins and nuts. the third one was a pineapple cake brought in by my husband's friends purely and solely for the purpose of smothering my face. 

after the cake cutting ceremony these guys cornered me. till this year my birthdays had been clean and mess free. however, there had to be SOME difference this year. one of these boy's removed my spectacles and kept them aside giving me a hint of what was coming. knowing the intention of the boys my sister tied my hair. in no time i had an entire cake on my face. i was showered with beer and a stinking mix of eggs,pepsi,milk,soya sauce, flour and ketchup.
messy me

during my cardiff days i had seen celebrations like these in my student accommodation and had tactfully stayed away from them. so this birthday was my first encounter with such an experience (it was stenchful fun). after the gang was done i made my way to the bathroom. once i was done, i joined everyone back. everyone enjoyed their glasses of beer had a good laugh at my condition in the name of cake facial and hair conditioning with beer. they then took a leave. 

me, my sister and my sister-in-law hogged on the cake leaving our stomachs heavy and hearts content. i was asked to unwrap the gifts. my sister got me two cute pair of earrings,a hairband and a clutch (i love accessories). my sister in law got me a PINK handmade diary(i love pink), dark chocolate and a top. i absolutely loved everything. bidding a goodbye to my siblings we called it a night. i had not got anything from my husband, so after all the wait i finally asked him "have you even got me a gift?"(it did not matter if it was small or big but there has to be some gift right?..). he answered "there is one. be patient, you will get it". with that thought on my mind i dozed off in no time.

the morning began with my phone buzzing continuously. everyone feels like a star on their birthday, you have people calling you up, wishes and blessings pouring in and your family gives you all the attention. and this being my first birthday as MRS. i had double the people making me feel important. my mother-in-law had made the most amazing halwa specially on the occasion of my birthday which we all devoured for breakfast.  while i was over the phone with someone, my husband came and started making me wear an earring. i swear, a wide-eyed me could not stop giggling, i finished the call quickly, gave my husband the biggest hug for  the sparkling pair of earrings he had got me as my birthday present. i could not believe more in the popular phrase "good things come to those who wait".

me and my sis-in-law at starbucks
while my husband went to work, me and my sis-in-law chose to enjoy the weather and the day over a cup of coffee. we headed to starbucks-CP (venue 2). we had a good time talking about anything and everything and captured the moments (it is impossible to escape from taking a picture when someone is in my company :p) over a cup of coffee and hot chocolate.

celebration 2

the latter part of the day was planned to be spent with the family. both my families got together. after enjoying the paneer tikka cooked by my father-in-law (specially for my birthday )over drinks and cutting the amazingly flavoured coffee ginger cake baked by my sis we headed to this chinese restaurant called bamboo shoots(venue 3) for dinner. the evening was spent beautifully in the company of near and dear ones.
cake cutting ceremony with family
the birthday celebration was not yet over, the advantage of your birthday falling on a weekend is that you do not celebrate a birthDAY but end up celebrating a birthday weekend. 

celebration 3

sunday was already planned with my friends. when it comes to choosing a place offering soul-satisfying food and a different cuisine, chilis(venue 4) always comes to my mind. my friends had got me a sinful, mouthwatering red velvet cake (another one of my two favourite cakes). delectable food and good company together make for an outstanding combination. and that is exactly what we had. we all caught up with the events in each others' lives, cracked jokes, threw a banter at each other and had a gala time. after dropping a friend home we finally headed back home.
final cake cutting ceremony at chilis
friends at chilis
with this final treat my first birthday celebration as MRS. and the crazily eventful birthday weekend came to an end. it was undoubtedly one of the best birthdays ever *big gratifying smile*.

p.s: thank you all for making this birthday so special.