Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Toddler Activity: III

Hi everyone!

How is your Diwali cleaning going? Have you raided homecentre and the likes already or is your Diwali shopping still due? If so, run! It’s only getting more crowded with every passing day. 

Anyway this post is not about Diwali, it is about our favourite topic these days; toddler activities. With the festive season going strong I am sure we parents do not have too much time and energy to put in, in an activity and yet we want our kids to be gadget free for as long as possible.

 So today I will share with you three activities that require no investment. The material required for these is readily available in any household.

1. Gram/bean sorting: 
What you need: three bowls and a mix of beans/grams (black and white grams, red kidney beans/small white beans)

Just mix all the grams and beans in a plate. 

Keep one bowl for each type of bean/gram and let the child sort.

You can help by giving a start, soon the child will follow.

What it does: object recognition and enhances motor skills.

2. Where is my partner?
What you need: various pairs of socks 

Separate each pair of socks and mix them all.

Let your child find the matching sock.

Ask them to fit one sock into the other. You can help them a little here.

Ask them to arrange the pairs in a row.

What it does: pattern recognition and helps develop motor skills.

3. Screw the cap:
What you need: bottles of various sizes.

Unscrew the caps of the bottles and keep them on a side.

Ask your child to put the cap on and screw it properly.

Let them unscrew it and then screw again.

What it does: develops motor skills. 

While you try these activities at home please understand that every child is different and may not show equal interest for these games. 

However you can get them interested by encouraging them everytime they get a step right. You can clap or jump or do anything funny so that they get a good laugh and are encouraged to try again. I look like a lunatic while I am making adira do these activities so that her interest is not lost. 

It is a constant activity for you too parents. 

All the best! 

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