Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Toddler Activity: II (Pom poms)

Hello hello hello!

The festive season is here! Do not we just love the vibe of this time of the year? The weather in the capital has got better. Diwali party invites are pouring in (even though I still have not attended one yet!). 

What remains constant is my everyday activity with the squirrel. Since my insta stories (instagram handle: my.little.diary) is getting such a good response from other mothers, it motivated me to come back to the blog this soon again. 

In this post I am going to share three activities with the same set of Pom Poms. 

1. Shapes and colors Box:
 What you need: a thermocol box or any cardboard box. Pom Poms in various colors (I got 12 for each color). Sketch pens and a pen / cutter. 

Draw various shapes in different colors on the top of the box. For example, a pink heart, a blue droplet, a green square, and a red circle and so on. Now make a hole in the center of these shapes big enough for the child to shove in Pom pom. 

What it teaches: when you ask the child to put a pink Pom Pom in matching color, you teach color recognition.

You can quiz the child about the shapes he / she already recognizes, so there goes shape recognition.

The feel of the Pom poms is great for sensory play.

2. The Color Board: 
What you need: a white board / awhite paper, sketch pens and Pom poms.

Draw any pattern on the white board or sheet and fill it in with solid colors. Give the child Pom and ask him / her to arrange the Pom poms on the matching color on the board or sheet.

Is not this easy easy?

What it teaches: color recognition and sensory play.

3. Move the Pom: 
What you need: two plates, pom poms and a tong from your kid's doctor set.

Fill one plate with Pom poms and let the other be empty. Now let your child pick the pom poms with the help of the tong and transfer them to the empty plate. 

What it teaches: This activity is great to hone motor skills. 


These activities can be introduced to children at the age of 2. You can give Pom poms to younger ones to explore under supervision. 

Never compare your child with another child. Every child's speed of doing things is different. Sooner or later they all get it right.

If your child does not show interest or is unable to do an activity, do not give up. Try again in a few days.

Do not introduce all three Pom Pom activities in one day. Give a day break before trying the next one.

PS: Due to a technical glitch I am unable to upload activity related pictures here. But if you want to refer you can check my Instagram highlights.

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