Sunday, July 14, 2013

the cake with a twist

Everytime I think of a tea cake, starbucks' lemon drizzle loaf that I once had during my cardiff days comes to my mind. For the longest time I have been dreaming about the simple yet unique flavoured cake and I could not find it at any of the regular coffee shops that we visit everyday(I didn't get the time to specially go hunting for it). my knack for trying new flavours and my husband's birthday celebration with the near and dear ones gave me all the more reason to satiate my taste buds quaking in my mouth for that particular taste.

 So yesterday afternoon, I collected all the basic ingredients required to bake a cake in one place( all purpose flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder and baking soda). now generally and commonly vanilla extract is used to flavour the cake but since I was trying a lemon cake, I opted for lemon rind to flavour it. while mixing oil(My healthier side opted for olive oil instead of butter), sugar and eggs, i grated the rind of a beautiful sunny lemon into it. My innovative side made me crush a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon and pistachios in the mix to enhance the flavour.

I would not lie but while I was doing all this I was really apprehensive of how the final product will taste,since i had not followed any particular recipe. it was like walking blindfolded not knowing where exactly you are heading.I was petrified because I didn't let anyone buy a cake reasoning that I will be baking one. So my shoulders were heavy with the onus of making a good birthday cake that left my heart thumping. Once I brought in all the ingredients together, I did a taste test. It tasted pleasantly different. nutmeg and cinnamon added not just flavour but also an exclusive fragrance to the batter. just a whiff of this made me hopeful about the finally baked cake.

While the cake was baking in the oven, I thought of giving it a slight twist. I took a few spoonfuls of mixed fruit jam, added a little water and lemon juice to it. it turned into a thick sauce. It was sweet yet brought in a sparse yet effective tang which was exactly what i was looking for. Once the cake was done, I let it cool. It was perfectly crunchy and looked rustic on the sides and was soft as sponge from the inside. I layered the cake in two halves, spread the jam mixture and added a layer of crushed pistachios. I did the same for the top. The cake was ready looking all glossy and colourful. Now I was just keeping my fingers crossed for a positive verdict.

When the cake was cut, and I made my husband have the first bite, however, I did not get any response(men! *eyes rolling* ). when I had the first bite my lurking and hopping taste buds were content assuring me that I did a decent job. then the cake was served to everyone for dessert and compliments started pouring in. They all loved it.

birthday boy cutting the cake
Once everyone left, and I was busy clearing the after party mess, my husband said " the cake was really nice, very different". That one compliment made my night and all my efforts worthwhile. After all the cooking and preparing for the party I was enervated longing for my bed. Thinking about the celebration that went really well, the happy faces and even happier stomachs,I thanked  god for everything. A blissful sleepy me took no time to doze off hoping for a relaxed sunday morning.

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