Monday, June 10, 2013

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani: My Take

my husband's disliking for movies like DDLJ, K3G and my friends' busy schedules brought a sad thought to my mind that i might not be able to watch YJHD (i was really looking forward to watching it). but sometimes some impromptu plans get you exactly what you want and that is what happened this afternoon.

a plan to watch YJHD with family was made suddenly and since it was a family plan my husband couldn'r say no(heeehhaaaha: devil laugh). we reached the multiplex 20 minutes late(courtesy:traffic) but i was too elated to come for the movie so the traffic didn't really dampen my spirit.

Coming to my take on the movie, which is what this post is actually about, i would say i liked it. it is a typical karan johar movie, full of grandeur, good dancing numbers and a big star cast. the movie revolves around four friends and how their relationship changes and evolves over the years. there are some stagnant moments and times where you feel the movie feels stretched but overall it makes a good watch. besides ranbir kapoor being a treat for the girls the other actors, deepika padukone, aditya roy kapoor and kalki bring fresh energies to the script. it is very different from  director, ayan mukerji's debut film "wake up sid" . even with all the magnificence the youngsters will still relate to the movie( i did, it reminded me of my wedding  and specially the cocktail evening with my friends...i love u all).

so the verdict for YJHD  is that it is definitely a good watch if you have no plans for the evening.

P.S.: the girls will love deepika's cute dresses during the first half.

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