Thursday, June 6, 2013

the welcome post

it is funny how the news of my first day at work got me so excited that i entirely forgot to post the so called "welcome note" but as they say 'better late than never' so here i am with my welcome note.

it feels good to FINALLY start blogging. one of my very good friends has been persuading me to start blogging for ages now but the series of events in my life lead to constant procrastination.

this blog doesn't restrict to one area of life, to be honest it will be about everything in life in general, be it a new flavoured cake i bake or a quirky looking person i notice in the  metro. it may vary from the review on a new product i buy to my take on a new movie.

i hope those who come across "MY little DIARY" enjoy reading it and can relate to the posts. the readers' feedback will be appreciated.

now that i my dear husband is glaring at the laptop screen thinking what really am i really doing (lol) it is time to sign off....till the next post bye!

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