Saturday, June 8, 2013

In the memory of the people who are gone

today a tweet about "luchi" which is a deep fried flat bread made of wheat flour reminded me of childhood days with my nani. nani used to serve us luchis with mango pickle and it was pure bliss. My mouth is watering right now visualizing those luchis in my head. it got me all philosophical and made me think  pensively about the hollow space that a person leaves in our hearts once they are gone from our lives. all that is left of them are memories, the way they spoke or the way they danced or a special dish that only they could make(truth: that could not taste the same if anyone else cooked it).

for example my mom still misses my nani for the "fruit chaat" she used to prepare for her; the winter goodness of guavas, bananas and apples mixed with a basic dressing of lime juice, chaat masala and black salt.

my dad misses my nani for her simple "dood paranthas" (flour mixed with milk instead of water and kneaded to make a dough for paranthas).

my nanu misses her for "firni" (rice pudding) sprinkled with finely chopped almonds served in kulhads(terracotta cup).

so in our own hungry ways you are always on our mind nani, and we remember you not just for the amazing food you cooked for us but also for the gem of a person you were. thank you for loving us selflessly. you are truly missed :)


  1. This brought tears in my eyes.It brought back the memories which i have kept at the back of my mind,safely.luv u for for bringing back those gastronomic senses.She was very special...miss u mom...

  2. I miss those dood paranthas too..remember you used to get them to school...