Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To the Readers

So, I had absolutely no plans to write this post today for several reasons. Firstly my dearest darling sister is getting married this month. Secondly, my sister like sis-in-law who is no less than a friend has got fixed. As if my duties as badi didi (elder sister) and bhabi (sister-in-law) were any less that Almighty scheduled one of our closest friends wedding also this month. 

If I mark the days on the calendar this month for the events I have to help organise let alone attend and host, my April 2015 is nothing but circles. While there is too much of hitched happiness in the air (touchwood) I would not deny the fact that it is keeping me on my toes, literally (read: shopping and staying fit), which points out to the reason I have been away for almost a month. I would have still kept myself from writing this post today, but in the last few days I noticed a hike in the number of likes “My little Diary” has fetched on Facebook. 

I will not lie when I say that I am surprised to see the growing likes for the page. “My little Diary” had started with a humble 100-110 likes that too from people who already knew me. But in the last few months the page has been receiving likes from people from various places, who I have never met and the response has been nothing but overwhelming. 

To be honest, there were times when I wondered if anybody at all reads my blogs, but the fear of no one reading and liking them never stopped me from expressing my thoughts and views. However, since I realised that the audience of this little page is becoming relatively big slowly and steadily I felt responsible to give it something to read and something to like.

And therefore this post today. This post is not one of the regular posts. Through this post I just chose to communicate and apologise to all you people who love reading “My little Diary” and have made it a part of their lives.

Forgive me for I have not been consistent with filling up the pages. I know you know that I have my reasons for the delay but thank you for still embracing “My little Diary” like it was your own and for reading every page waiting patiently for every next one. People, pages, magazines generally make such posts on reaching a “1000 likes benchmark” or even a 10000 one and by God’s grace I am sure this personal blog will reach one such milestone sooner or later but for the moment I just felt the urge to thank all the readers for liking this blog and its Facebook page.  Your likes and comments are helping this little diary to fill a new page everytime. So keep pushing the “LIKE” key and keep the comments coming, keep sharing your views and all that love pouring for “My little Diary” and I will continue to keep you busy reading.

Now, back to wedding duties, with my hands full of work, my phone full of reminders, my stomach full of outside food and my wardrobe full of bags wish me some lots and lots of energy for the wedding craziness that awaits me. Till next time tadaaaa!!!

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