Monday, July 3, 2017

Moms of Instagram

The title of this post hints a lot about what this post is going to be about. Yes it is going to be about moms; moms of instagram. And no this is no informative post. This one is personal. 

I had already had a few friends who became mothers around the same time as I did and we shared similar stories and experiences often. It didn't really take place over social media but yes a lot over the phone.

Then one day I just stumbled upon a mother’s account on instagram who had been reasonably popular among other mothers.  This mother was an entrepreneur, a blogger and so much more. I followed her account and realised how bizarrely similar every mother’s story is yet so different with its little elements. Though this mother’s kid is a year ahead of adira I could still relate so much with her.

Anyway through her account I discovered so many more mothers all sailing in the same boat, going through the very same complex combination of emotions; emotions of tiredness, happiness, anxiety, excitement all rolled into one. Isn't this all what motherhood is about?

So I started following a lot of these mothers, most of them absolute strangers. However, the funny part is that even though these women are complete strangers we are all connected through one common string called motherhood.

We hail from different cities, even different countries. We come from diverse backgrounds and yet we are all sharing the same frequency. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? We might be writing different chapters but the book is one;motherhood. We might speak different languages otherwise but on instagram we walk, we talk mommyhood.

I write about this because I feel so happy and enlightened to come across these superwomen of instagram. Happy because some of these women have achieved so much along with taking care of their babies. And enlightened because all these women share so much information. Information that is not bookish or theoretical. It is information that comes from a real mother who has got it wrong several times before getting it right once. Information that is based on everyday experiences with their little ones. 

A lot of these mothers have huge following and some amazing giveaways every now and then. I am hoping someday I will too reach there and be able to share my experiences on a larger scale. But for now I am pretty content with the little gyaan I can spread across from my own experiences. 

In all this I realised how deeply social media has seeped into our lives. While some people just kill their time misusing social media there are these moms who are doing so much more with it and giving it all some meaning. They are sharing their lives, educating other mothers and are also doing some serious business promoting their brand or product.

I know I have asked questions from other mommies and answered questions too. This mommy community of insta is mammoth sized and yet so close knitted. No one is judged and everyone is welcomed. These women are honest, forgiving and galaxies apart from being judgmental. 

So this is just my own little way of telling every mother on instagram and otherwise that you are all doing a fantastic job raising your little ones. We all have days we doubt ourselves, we have gloomy days when we feel lonely, there are days we feel not so beautiful and then we have happy days when all is well and we feel we have never been better. But you know what the best part is? We, the moms of instragram are able to communicate and share these doubts , these moments of loneliness and we are not ashamed of it. We, the mom's of instagram share a bond like no other when we tell each other our own mother-child tales. We guide, we mentor each other through this journey. 

Together we lift each other up because we are all supermoms! We are the moms of instagram! 

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