Friday, June 14, 2013

the translucent rain

while sitting at my desk, i just took a quick glimpse of the window behind me and to my surprise it was raining. it was not a drizzle. it was definitely more powerful than any of our bathroom showers. it was pouring elephants and rhinos (as of now it is cats and dogs).

raining is one thing but wind and rain together is a deadly combination. and i could see exactly that happening then. the wind was so strong and the rain drops as sharp as they could get. it reduced the visibility which is why i named it the translucent rain. i could not have wished more to be at home right now enjoying the nature bath (sigh). but i could still feel the rain so i went and stood at the window. the minute rain droplets splashed on my face like freshly formed dew. it was like a sprinkler working at its best in a reminded me of my post-graduation days in cardiff, wales. windy rains were  a usual there. it obviously brought back good memories and my floundering walks way back home from the university.

it has stopped pouring now. the sky looks happy and clear (not gloomy which it generally is before the rain).  the wind is succeeded by the fresh cool breeze.the trees around my workplace look lush and greener with their leaves swishing away on the tunes of the breeze.the short lived translucent rain did lift everyone's spirits up. i am already looking forward to the evening :).

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