Monday, June 24, 2013

better or BUTTER half

better half(image sourec:google)
butter half(image source:google)
 Just the other day my sister who is a fitness freak could not help lauding this particular couple that comes to the gym. They recently had a baby and the husband is now helping the wife get back in shape by accompanying her to the gym. The way my sister describes him, he is a constant boost for his wife. I was amazed to hear about them. I felt glad knowing the extent to which  partners have become cooperative and supportive these days when it comes to fitness.

Looking at the alarming rate of ailments and the  amount of stress people are facing these days mounted by the sedentary jobs that some of us are in, being fit is no more a choice but the only option we are left with. One should include some form of exercise in their daily routine. It can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of an elevator or a few sets of jumping jacks we had learnt in the physical activity sessions of our school.

Eating right is another way to keep a check on your health. Small little changes in your diet can make a mammoth difference.  replacing white bread with brown bread and using olive oil instead of dollops of ghee(a kind of clarified butter) can be a good start. However, watching what you eat and exercise should be executed in tandem for the most effective results.

Even after fitness being of such pivotal importance  I see  struggling  wives asking their men(butter halves) to cut down on the amount of cheese and butter for their own good. But the truth is one can only help those who want to help themselves(read willpower). I have a friend who has been trying to get in shape for the last few months. Earlier he was ignorant to his wife's "stay fit" idea but soon he realized he is doing nothing but adding unwanted  kilos to his body mass.  his spouse was actually talking sense. He cut down on his paranthas(flatbread fried in butter or oil) switching to rotis(thin flatbread) for starters. And when I met him a couple of days back he looked leaner. I complimented him and he replied "the credit goes to my dear wife". He told me how his wife pushed him a little out of his comfort zone; he now goes jogging every evening. this incident shows that you can get positive changes in your life if you have the will and an encouraging partner.

Getting in shape and staying fit becomes easier and turns into an enjoyable fun activity when one has a supportive partner. He/she should not just inspire and motivate you to stay fit but should also exhibit an understanding when you are trying to help her/him. That little kick, punch or poke is required from someone to throw us out of our lazy comfort area. When spouses do that some of us tag it as "nagging" instead of taking it in a positive way.

It is not necessary that you both have to sweat it out in the gym. There is a copious number of other activities ranging from joining a dance class together (it is also very romantic) to taking yoga lessons. the sports lovers can indulge into a game of badminton or go swimming. the ones with adventurous souls can go trekking or biking. there is myriad of options, all you need to do is explore them.

Also a little involvement in the kitchen with your spouse or partner can make the healthy salad (which was earlier all grass and hay for you) soup and bread look exciting.Healthy food is not synonymous with bad taste. So cooking together and watching your diets together will not just give you a count of the number of  calories you are consuming but will also bring the partners close. Cooking is a great bonding exercise.

So staying fit and making these small little changes are not really a big deal. All you need is a little buzz to start off and if someone special like your partner is doing that for you feel lucky. henceforth, everytime your partner stops you from having that extra fry or constrains you from having those extra dollops of butter over your bread, do not mind and feel good. he is doing it because he cares.

Now is the time for self assessment. if you think you make a butter half( with unhealthy eating habits and no exercise) believe me it is never too late to become your spouse's better half in the truest sense.


  1. anurag RanotraMonday, June 24, 2013

    Louvveellyyy ankiiiiiii...... What a well defined caption : )

  2. Hehehaha..this post gave me a feeling of dejavu and you know why ;-). A pat on the back for the caption. Good going, keep it up :D.