Thursday, June 13, 2013

It is all in the HAIR

image source:google
image source:google
i have always known the importance of a good haircut and that how well a pair of scissors can transform your looks.but the realisation became just deeper with my new haircut.

i had last got a haircut some six months back. my hair had grown extremely long with just a few steps towards the end. i was truly in love with them till my younger sister saw one of my pictures and brought to my notice that my hair look too plain and makes me look older than my age. Doubt about anything is a disease. once it is planted in your brain it just keeps growing. So this observation of my sister about my hair made me doubt if my hair really looked that good or if they are boring like my sister mentioned. i started hating them and could not wait to get a haircut (which initially was scheduled for next month).

in desperation, i accompanied my husband to the salon (since his haircut was due). looking at my hair, the stylist first complimented me and then wondered why i hadcome for a cut after six long months. he chopped off a finger long length (which i was so proud of :(and had been growing for all this while) in the name of dead ends. he gave my hair lots of layers and i won't lie to you that it made me look my age (i am being modest :p). i look fresh now. the poor stylist requested me to schedule an appointment for another trim after 1.5 months if i had wanted healthy hair (i am still thinking about it).

but there is no denying that i look so much better with the new cut. so if your haircut is due or you are looking for an image transformation do not wait any longer just go get it done for "it is all in the HAIR" :)

me post haircut


  1. Hey Ankita! Nice work...
    Looking forward to know you more....All the best.....
    Love you.

  2. Replies
    1. thank you...the feedback is an amazing source of encouragement

  3. Now that's a well written article. As far as your hair is concerned, you have always underestimated the beauty of your tresses :).

    1. thank you so much....and i know i have never really been happy with my hair but for the first time i am loving them for the way they are...the cut makes the waves fall perfectly in line with my face :)