Sunday, June 16, 2013

OUR first rain

it is not that it has not rained before this year. i had mentioned the translucent rain a few days back in the other post.  my husband had been repeating himself incessantly about bathing and playing when it rains since forever(we are kids at heart :p).  but because we were at our workplace the other day, the plan of bathing under the nature's translucent shower could not be implemented. we both love rains so i was all game for going crazy and was looking forward to the monsoon(2012 same time we were in the courtship period, and ours being an arranged set up we could not really go crazy bathing together in the rain).

after a trivial tussle last evening we both dozed off not knowing  how beautiful the next morning would become. we woke up to dancing raindrops doing a ballet, creating melodious music with their tapping steps in the background. the view of the park from our balcony was mesmerizing(it could not have got any greener). i already knew what is coming, since rain was all that was on my husband's mind. i gave him a stoic look(it was his fault last evening :p). ignoring the expression on my face he held my hand, pulled me out of the bed and there we were in our backyard feeling the joy of our first rain caressing us. the rain washed away my indifferent expression. in no time we were drenched in the creation of nature.  he pulled me close and asked "so how do you feel this sunday morning". i swear i could not stop giggling and blushing. i replied with a BIG smile "it could not have got any better honey" (i meant it)

the rain had never felt so good. it is the best possible start to a sunday morning (technically afternoon :p). and the day will only get better . it is fathers' day(happy fathers' day papa i love you )and i will be visiting my family for dinner :D.

sitting on the couch in my living right now, with the doors open, i can feel the breeze playing a peek a boo with the strands of my hair. i can smell the freshness and the fragrance of geeli mitti(wet mud).

this was not the first shower of the season this year, but for the two of us, it was undoubetdly OUR FIRST :)

our first rain :)(16th june '13 )