Friday, June 21, 2013

every song has a story

The other day i was listening to the song raabta from the movie Agent Vinod and it brought back the memories of my courtship period. i realized every song has some story to it. it can remind you of a particular person or a certain place or just good times. for some the song is significant because the lyrics are relevant and for others it is significant for the crazy beats it provided to dance the night away with friends.

there are songs that remind you of a person. it could be the way he behaved , the way he dressed or the way he danced.  it can be anything and everything about him/her. for instance, the other day, i was at a party and i saw a middle-aged man dancing extremely well at YJHD's battameez dil. i swear he must have left an impression on everyone's mind (i most certainly think of his dance when i listen to the song now). my friends always record delhi 6's sasural genda fool and send it to me if they hear it playing somewhere for reasons only they know (annoying). similarly , a few days back, a friend of mine heard santana's black magic woman on the radio  and told me how he used to sing the song for his ex-girlfriend who always wore black clothes and black nail-paint (read gothic look :p).

 some songs take you back to the past relationships. there is a unique song for every phase of the relationship you were in. you listen to happy and romantic songs( like savage garden's truly madly deeply) for the better times of the relationship and the sad and depressing ones for the  break ups(puddle of mudd's she hates me). and then finally the "i am single" song (nelly furtado's i'm like a bird :p).

it is unbelievable how being in your seat with eyes closed and a song playing in the background can transport you to another place(who needs tickets :p). euphoria's maayeri takes me back to the stage of my school while bryan adam's summer of '69 makes me stand in the middle of the school fete with chirpy young girls loitering all around. i cannot ignore michael buble's save the last dance for me reminding me of my friend's apartment in cardiff.

good times and special moments are always associated with a song and everytime you listen to it, it makes you relive that moment some songs tell the saga of a wedding celebration while others of the college years. they may remind you of a proposal or a drive with friends. i am sure each one of you at some point of time in life has listened to a song and thought of something (a struggle in life, a winning moment a long lost love, a childhood crush or plain good times:)) and smiled.

P.S: if the song you are listening to has a story, do share it.


  1. i totally and agree. and di when i listen to maeri i go back to the school days when u used to sing it soooooo well...

    1. thank you so i sweet of u to remember :)