Sunday, April 21, 2019

Amateur poetry

The whistling of the leaves 
The hissing of the wind
The dancing fragile trees
The to and fro of the swing 

The fallen bougainvilleas racing with each other
The rustle of the carpet of crisp leaves 
The chirping birds flying back home 
The confused sky changing colours every now and then 
The laughter of a kid and the wails of an infant next door
The solace that comes with the music of the wind
Breathing in the beauty of nature;the beauty of life 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

#100wordsstory: 0.1

Her feet were dipped in water; water that was warm. The bundle of peaks and the bubbles from a thousand breaths underneath her sole brought her peace. 
She felt calm. Just then her foot was pulled out from the solace of damp and was wrapped in fuzziness. But this soft touch didn’t last too long. The calm was ruffled turning into froth and foam. Soon after the tiny grime like balls danced up and down on her feet. It made her feel ticklish. This whole experience of damp and tickle gave her so many sensations. No wonder she was so regular with her monthly pedicures.