Tuesday, June 11, 2013


goodmorning!looking at the clear sky and feeling the fresh breeze, this morning could not have got any better after an amazing monday night. yes i am talking about a monday night! mondays are generally mundane and dreadful but last night was an exception.

i met my friends (all of them together) after a month and a half and any moment can turn into a special one when you have some good wine, better music and the best company. we got together at a friend's place for drinks, everyone was high (some on alcohol, some on music and some just on the feel of that moment). we turned into teens who had just entered college (that is how we all met...aaahh how i miss the venky(sri venkateswara college, DU) days). there was slow dancing, candid conversations and loads of laughter.

we chose KAINOOSH at dlf promenade, delhi for dinner. a well done up place(i fell in love with their chandeliers)  for mughlai/north indian food. the service and the quality of the food made our evening even better.

we called it a night with loads of hugs and then more hugs followed by some more tight embraces lol. remembering the night, i feel blessed to have such friends. thank you god for everything.

P.S.: good times; courtesy: my dear husband. the night would not have been possible without you

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