Friday, June 7, 2013

the "MAD MEN" series bug

so the news is, that i have been bitten by the "MAD MEN" series bug. i won't lie to you, but i have always been more of a "GOSSIP GIRL" series  person but thanks to my husband who introduced MM to me and since then i have been hooked on to it.

MM is about the advertising sector in the U.S. in the 1960s. it not just showcases the working of the advertising agencies but also portrays the personal lives of the people working with these entities. MM can inspire you to come up with new unconventional ideas. it is like fresh breeze cutting through the monotony of general chick flicks (which i usually like :p). it is amazing how different people bring in a unique evergy to the working of the company.

for all the girls out there, you have a reason to watch MM too; fashion. u will fall in love with the polka dots and the collared dresses, the scarves and the fedoras. i love the way the women in the series have been accessorized.

So if you have spare time, do watch MM and let me know if you feel the way i do....:)

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