Saturday, June 15, 2013

a candid tryst

a couple of months back i was talking to my english teacher from school through messages on facebook and she told me she would be visiting noida soon, most probably in may this year. we thought of catching up while she would be in town. i told my family and my husband about her, that how she has been one of the coolest teachers i have ever had, how grateful i am for she had imbibed in us the habit to carry a pocket dictionary all the time and refer to it when needed (i still do it, the difference is that now i have the dictionary on my phone). i could not stop singing her praises for she is one person who played the role of being a friend and a teacher equally well at the same time. she taught us english and was our class teacher for good two years (2004-2006) and left when our batch finished school in 2006, since her husband was in defence and was posted to some other place. most of the students stayed in touch with her and shared the events happening in their has always been so easy to confide in her, she listens to you and gives you just the right piece of advice.

Coming back to our meeting, May came and went. i kept wondering why haven't i heard from her. i assumed her plans to have got cancelled until two days back when i received her message on facebook informing me that she is now in noida. we decided to meet on friday(14th june '13) around 6:30 pm at costa coffee. i was excited to meet her after 7 long years and my husband could not help making fun of my excitement. around 5:30 pm on friday i get her text that she might not be able to make it due to some family obligations and if we could meet next friday. obviously i was slightly disheartened but i understood her problem and fixed next friday for our meeting. my husband who could not resist laughing at me for my excitement was now in full throttle with his bantering. but i won't lie, he is a sweetheart because while we were chilling at home  i received another text from my teacher saying the family obligation can be taken care of and if we are still available(i obviously jumped out of the bed with happiness), he did not say no even once.

i quickly freshened up and got ready in 10 minutes. we reached costa coffee at spice mall and i said to my husband "i don't know how will i behave around her? it has been such a long time since we have met" and he just laughed at me in reply(he was back in his "i am mean" pants). five minutes later i saw swati di (high time i tell her name :p) coming towards us, still as smart as she was. there is something about her personality, she has an amazing aura and you feel good being around her. i hugged her like i do all my friends. she felt pity for husband . she said "poor guy :(, you didn't have to drag him along". but the truth was i really wanted di to meet him. i being the chatterbox that i am could not stop talking, we recollected memories of the two years she had taught our batch. we had an unbiased and honest conversation about married life and the career that i have chosen after that and how my better half feels about it. my husband too enjoyed her company.

talking and giggling we didn't realize that it had been almost two hours. it was time to go home and so we brought the candid tryst to an end. the meeting gave me the opportunity to refresh the cherished memories of the past and a better understanding of matters like career, family and marriage for the future. we dropped swati di home with a promise to meet again soon :).


  1. Lovely ankiii..... Keep it up...... I read all of ur content.... U r doing good : )