Thursday, August 22, 2013

the hazel beauty and him

image source:google
it is spotted in a showroom
under those focused lights
it is standing tall 
yearning for a glance at its brand new polish

he enters the store, flirts with those glass tables
he moves forward and his eyes fall on IT
it was undoubtedly love at first sight

he feels its top
slides his hands through its legs
praising its sturdy wooden body
explores all the space

he calls for the sales person
asks for the price of the hazel beauty basking in its glory
the price is quoted
it is a bit too high 
he sighs sadly and leaves the store

he visits the store every weekend
eying the magnificent charmer
longing for it, to honour his home's drawing

one good friday, he gets a raise
after work, he rushes to the store
embraces the stunner, pays for it 
reaching home, clears the space to welcome the new member in the room

saturday morning, he keeps a tab on the clock
awaiting the hazel beauty to knock at his door
and then the door bell rings
he opens the door and smiles widely

there it was
tightly packed, hidden under the cardboard
wrapped in the fine translucent bubble sheet
ready to be unclothed

he peeled the layers of cardboard
and then the bubble wrap
smoothly and gently
till he got the first glimpse of its auburn sheen

he pulled it close, to the empty space carved out just for it
he pushed it against the wall
it brought life to the mundane corner of the house
and stood their beaming 
only to be extolled 

image source:google

 PS: it is my first attempt at poetry :p...laughing at it is prohibited ALRIGHT!


  1. Dear Ankita,you deserve congrats given its being your first attempt at poetry.It is touchy.

  2. beautifully written. expressing clearly the feelings of a person who desires something and when finally gets it,how happy he is.well done anki.

  3. Nice composition Ankita!