Tuesday, August 6, 2013

teapot love

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if someone asks me what i like more; tea or coffee? without lying i would say both. i have always loved going out for a cup of either of the two beverages. not that i mind having that cup at home. but going out to a place with a different ambiance specifically for this purpose can bring up the best discussions which otherwise would not happen at home.

me and my mom have been doing this for a long time now. we go out, order ourselves tea/coffee with some cake and sip onto it chatting and talking about various topics, some useful and some plain nonsensical(i have got the gift of gab from her :p). and post marriage everytime i visit her it gives us all the more reason to go out, catch up and have a good time. sometimes, it is a cafe as basic as costa coffee or dunkin donuts and at other times it is a place like goodricke teapot. this post revolves around the latter.

goodricke teapot is a tea lounge at south point mall (sector 53, golf course road) in gurgaon. me and my mom happened to come across this place while we were looking for some showpieces for our house. we did not find the apt showpiece but the visit to the mall did not go in vain since we stumbled upon this place.

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 it is a cozy tea lounge tucked away in a corner on the second floor of the mall. it is simply done up with luxurious chairs in a rich golden brown fabric. there are two cabinets, one showcasing the cups and kettles while the other showcasing the tea boxes meant for the purpose of sale. it gives a very warm and welcoming feeling. one can hear jazz playing softly in the background, which is perfect to make a candid audible conversation.

calling itself a tea lounge, it serves only tea (and ofcourse water :p). it is a treat for the tea lovers since the place has a varied collection of tea to serve,  ranging from a cup of simple tea to the more exotic ones like Dejoo Golden Tippy. there are distinct teapots catering to different purposes. for people who do not like taking risk there are commonly known teas like masala tea and ginger tea. there is tea specifically brewed keeping the weight watchers in mind. then there is a specific type of tea to bring some relief to the stressed souls.

the spread of teas is so huge that you would want to visit the lounge over and over again to try a new one everytime. and once you have explored them all you would want to come again to have your favourite one.

cakes, pies and more!
moving over to the food, the menu offers everything that a cafe or a tea lounge generally serves and more. to satiate the sweet buds in your mouth there are cookies, pies, tarts, cupcakes, tea cakes and waffles. while there is a lot of guilty sweetness to indulge into, the health conscious would not be disappointed. the teapot also offers a variety of sugar free cheesecakes( i have not tried one though). the savoury section also has a good spread of sandwiches, quiches and croissants.

it is decently priced(rs.550 for two people). the staff is friendly and the service is good. the hygiene and cleanliness is given a serious thought since the table cloth is changed immediately after a customer leaves.

though i have tried three different teas in three visits, i chose to have my favourite one (ginger tea) again in the fourth one. i have tried their cupcakes and teacakes and they are all delicious, served warm with a little snowfall of castor sugar. my sweet tooth did not let me delve into the savoury section till now. however i choose to give it a try the next time i visit the place. 

this place creates not just genuine conversations over a cup of tea but turns every visit into a beautiful experience.

goodricke teapot is a paradise and a must-visit place for the tea lovers. 

P.S.: the coffee fans should also give it a try. this place might just become the reason for you to fall in love with tea :p.

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