Thursday, August 15, 2013

my most beautiful woman

i look fat. i have a crooked nose. my thighs are so big. my lips are huge. this post will not be enough when it comes to counting peripheral imperfections. but then the question is: who is perfect? and the answer: none of us. no matter how pretty the world thinks we are, we will still find an imperfection in ourselves.

the point here is that we will never be satisfied with how we look. it is very important for us to understand the difference between looks and personality. you might come across as the best person in the room even though you might not be the most beautiful one in there. external beauty is secondary, the real beauty lies in what you do. the real charm is reflected through your deeds, through your work and kind of person you are at heart.

i see innumerable women rushing  to work everyday. sadly, a lot of them concentrate more on touching up that kajal and the perfectly pouted lips than concentrating more on the details of that excel sheet they are working on.  and when you meet one girl or a woman who is doing what she loves to do and is passionate about it, you feel such woman needs to be celebrated.

i am lucky to know one such young lady. my sister in law, aditi (i call her tii :p).

"as beautiful as your work" contest by tanishq has given me the opportunity to tell tii that she is not pretty to me just because she has a decent height and a good waistline with complimenting features (though she feels that her face is too big for her body. i told you none of us are happy with our looks) *eyes rolling*).
but also because she is one of the most beautiful people i have ever met.

she has a 'simple living high thinking' attitude. she takes her own time to open up to a new person, but once she does you will realize that she is a keeper for life. tii holds a bachelors of fine art degree and is currently working in the creative field in one of the top advertising agencies in the world. people unfamiliar with this field often go on mocking her calling her job frivolous not knowing the amount of effort that goes in it. it is then that her work comes to her rescue.

she is simply amazing at work (and i can say it because i have seen her working on a few assignments) and balances family equation just as well . while she has a chilled out approach to life she is extremely focused at work. she tells me how her work brings peace to her and how it is a wonderful feeling when one is doing what he/she enjoys.

she believes in dazzling people not with the unnecessary chatter but with her work. she lets her work speak for her and plans on keeping that up in the future. when it comes to her work and career, she is strongly determined and clear. she truly inspires me. 

when i saw megha in the tanishq ad on television, i felt every woman who is trying her best to produce something valuable at work could relate to her. women like megha and tii who make a difference with their work at the workplace, deserve to be celebrated.

mia by tanishq is just the perfect way to celebrate every such beautiful and charming woman who believes in making her work just as beautiful.

if you still haven't seen the commercial yet,then you must; Mia TVC link ( )

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