Saturday, May 6, 2017

Easy Mango Lollies

I picked out the softest mango from the refrigerator this afternoon to make a thick smoothie for my 11 months old. However, when I tasted  that soft mushy mango, it was just a little too tangy for my girl. I kept the half cut mango aside undecided what I will do with it later and went on to pick another one. I then prepared a quick smoothie from a relatively sweeter mango and transferred it into a bowl to be devoured by my daughter afterwards. I moved on to  the half cut mango.

I could have made “aamras” for everyone which is just another synonym for a mango smoothie. But I decided to choose the no-milky way. I don't know how at that moment I was struck by my childhood memories; my childhood memories with my nani dearest. May god bless her soul. She used to make us absolutely yummy ‘nimbu pani’, ‘rasna’ and “mango” lollies to beat the summer heat. So reminiscing my memories with her I decided to make everyone mango lollies for dessert.

Now these lollies are unabashedly easy, fresh and simply delicious. It has a two-ingredients recipe and no you are not getting any prizes for guessing them. Mango and sugar!! That is it! I made these the traditional way like my nani used to; in ice cube molds. However, you can purchase the cute looking, colourful Icecream molds available in the market these days if you please.

So all you lazy people or even the not so lazy ones why don't you try these and make your near and dear ones super happy. After all who doesn't like some fruity coolers in the summers.

This is how the lollies looked! Small, cute and very inviting 

Ingredients ( prepared 6 cubed mango lollies)

1 mango
2.5 tbsp sugar


Dice the mangoes and put them in a bowl.

Add sugar to it.

Blend them in a mixer or use a hand blender.

Transfer the thick mixture into the ice cube molds.

Put a toothpick or a disposable fruit fork into each mold.

Put the ice cube  tray into the freezer.

Check it in a few hours. When done just use a knife to take the lollies out of their molds.

Lick. Slurp. Enjoy.

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