Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Mother's Day Gift

Sunday, May 14th 2017 à My first Mother’s day.

Last year around this time I was hoping that I deliver the sweet little bun baking inside my big oven. It was my own special way of feeling gifted by the almighty. But my daughter had plans of her own. She decided to take her own time and arrived 16 days after.

This year the mother in me was excited. “Finally it’s my first mother’s day!!!” I thought. It is not like this day made me realize the amount of love and affection I get from my daughter. I started feeling all that warm fuzziness the day she was placed in my arms for the very first time. But you know how we feel love for our mothers every single day but choose to be vocal about it on rare days like this one, similarly I found this equation of unconditional love with my daughter the very first day; mother’s day just gave me a reason to highlight it.

 I knew I would not be getting any presents since Adira is still too young to understand the concept and my husband has never bothered about all these days.  I did what I do every year. I wrote a note dedicated to every woman who is a mother.  I had already bought presents for both my mothers. And I was just happy to spend this day knowing the fact that I am celebrating it not just as a daughter but also as a mother this time.
However, a very close friend of mine who was also celebrating her first mother’s day wished me at midnight, I was so touched and overwhelmed by her message, I wished her back and we both basked in the glory of motherhood. In the morning I woke up to a beautiful note written by my mother (yes she can write reasonably well) which just made me smile a little more.
Like I said after these beautiful gestures by two beautiful women who are also wonderful mothers I was just killing my Sunday doing chores that revolve around my daughter. To my surprise this little squirrel of a girl had a present in store for me!!!! Any guesses????
She slept for TWO AND A HALF hours!!!! Now that is RARE!! These days she sleeps for an hour at most. However, only on mother’s day she slept for this long and while she had lain next to me I too napped for good 2 hours. Now that is something!! A 2 hours sleep in the middle of the day is like an oasis found in a lonely desert.  It was a gift only she could give me. The GIFT OF SLEEP!
I woke up a new person all refreshed. We went out for dinner with friends. Adira and I were twinning in pink and white (check the picture below). A wonderful first mother’s day it was! Thank you Adira for letting me have those two hours of sleep in the middle of day. I think you know your mom well already!!


  1. daughter is as intelligent as her mother. very well written. mother never needs any gift, its d child who understands her mother's feelings, so did adira do. this is d real bond.