Monday, May 29, 2017

Adira Ticks One

Like I promised on my instagram handle that I will post about my daughter's birthday so here I am putting my thoughts down. It is going to be one long post. Caution: you might fall asleep. 

I have always been an excited person where birthdays concern. I am more excited about my husband’s birthday than he himself is so how could it be any different around my daughter. My daughter is a May girl and the moment may started this year I started reminiscing the same time last year (2016) when I was heavily pregnant and had just been wanting to deliver. 

Last year, the night of 23rd may my husband and I had tried making pakoras and oh boy the pakoras did the trick. I got into labour around 3:30 am that morning, 5:30 we reached the hospital and were informed that the pain is real and our baby is on its way!!! 

After almost 12 hours of labour we were blessed with our angel of a girl. Adira came into our lives on the hot afternoon of 24th may 2016. I still remember how I had to wait for nearly 6 hours to finally hold her just because I didn't pee after the delivery! Phewwww!

Time flew; months hopped and we jumped onto the biggest milestone; a year!! Together we entered the numbers. My daughter is one… the parents in us are one!! Such an achievement! 

I had been preparing for our daughter’s big day for a while. My daughter and I had got matching outfits. We had organised a little celebration with family and friends. I had already taken care of it . 


Since she is too small to go pamper herself at a salon like I generally do on special occasions, I gave her a nice scrub of wholewheat, turmeric and milk at home a day before her birthday. In the evening the family got together to decorate the house with pink and white balloons. I also made paper flowers to decorate the car she was going to get the next day. 


The moment the clock struck 12 I just kissed my daughter and whispered “happy birthday squirrel” in her ear since she was fast asleep. Softly we called in her birthday. 

The morning started with presents from dadu dadi. She took a drive in her new electric car. Our help also got her presents which touched me deeply. It was so thoughtful of them. We had inflated a pool for adira, had filled it with water, flower petals and her water toys. Adira and I took a dip in the water and she was beyond elated. The pool time was followed by a bath and a little nap. 

When you are happy about everything going well like it should be something has to happen. And so it did. 
In the afternoon while I was getting ready for the celebration, I heard adira crying. 

Now I always used to wonder how mothers could distinguish one type of crying from the other but now I realise it comes naturally. So when I heard my daughter crying I knew she had got hurt but I didn't want to presume so I sent my help downstairs to check. And yes she had fallen and had hurt her lip from the edge of the bed!!! That moment I left everything and rushed downstairs. Her dress had blood on it, I wanted to cry but I tried my best to keep my cool.

The thing with babies is that they somehow manage to fall and get hurt even under supervision. My father in law was sitting on the bed and he himself could not fathom how it happened. Anyway after applying an ice pack on her lip over and over again and after 15 minutes of watching telly tubbies she pacified. Her lip had swollen and I could not feel worse. 

The entire incident gave me a headache. I was upset that adira had got hurt. It is bizarre how mothers are connected to their babies. I was not bruised yet I felt so much pain.

Anyway I had a feeling that she would be cranky during the celebration. However I did not want to let that vibe spoil the remaining evening. So I smiled, gave some more love to adira and headed to the event.

Adira observed all the decorations and cooperated by meeting everyone quietly. However, she refused to part from me. I had worn heels hoping she would stay with dadu and nanu. But those hopes went into a pit. 

She enjoys walking a lot these days and dances but I think seeing so many people made her a little clingy. I could not blame her. It was a tough afternoon for my little birthday girl.

Finally the time to cut the cake came and only after tasting her birthday cake did adira feel a little better. I thought she would sleep but my girl wanted to enjoy the celebration till the very last.


She became herself when the last of the guests were left. It was a relief to see that smile on her face. Anyway all is well that ends well. 

We feel grateful to be surrounded by so much love. A big thank you to everyone who remembered adira on her special day and showered her with their blessings. 
Adira is growing naughtier with every passing day and keeps me on my toes. I think it just makes us appreciate our parents a little more. 

Thank you squirrel for filling our lives with so much love, joy and laughter. May you always be blessed.


  1. very beautifully expressed. it feels good to see my daughter (ankita) growing as a caring mother. love u my squirrel(ankita)nd love to ur squirrel(adira)😘😘

    1. My little DiaryTuesday, May 30, 2017

      Thank you mommy ����