Saturday, April 15, 2017

Foodie Emotions

Unlike most of my food posts which are followed by a recipe this one is an exception. In this one, emotions follow. This post is mainly about how I felt today as I was baking a set of six muffins. I have always confessed that I am a moody baker. By moody I mean a lot of things. Firstly, I am not an everyday baker so I am moody that way. Secondly I should really need to be in a good mood to bake and not bake just for the namesake. Thirdly, I don’t care if it is an occasion if I feel like baking for that occasion I do else I simply buy from outside. 

It is very important to understand that food whether baked, boiled or grilled reflects your energy, your mood and your vibe. I have done the everyday monotonous obligated cooking but most often it is conducted like a job you are not passionate about. On the other hand, when I bake I keep the other chores at bay and enjoy the art of baking. Now, let me be true to you all, I had not baked for a long long time until these six muffins happened today. 

Summers make bananas loose life too quickly. You must be wondering “why is she talking of bananas suddenly?” Well, had these bananas not been mushy it must have been just another no-bake day. So I took these bananas and thought of baking my family some muffins. The last I baked and posted about it was more than 2 years back!! Pheww! Remember the easy oat cookies? I haven’t really baked since I got pregnant and then adira’s arrival made life too busy. Adira is now almost 11 months old (time flies!!) and since she is manageable by other members of the family now, I took some time out this morning and baked.

I was extremely nervous since I have never really followed a recipe and this time was no different. I have always been a ‘taste and bake’ or ‘taste and cook’ kind of a person. I later note down the size of portions for the people I share the recipe with. I chose to do eggless muffins since bananas act like quite a substitute. The batter looked fine to me. I poured it into the silicon mold that had been sitting in a drawer forever. I garnished three muffins with almonds, one with cashew and the remaining two with chocolate flakes. They looked perfect in the batter form. I was just hoping that they looked just as fine once they come out of the oven. I shoved the tray into the oven. 

Meanwhile, I gave adira a massage and bath (top life I say! I too crave for a massage). After 35 minutes of baking my muffins looked fluffy and happy. I was relieved! Their fluffiness made me smile. I pricked a toothpick to check if they were done and yes they were! I took them out of the mold and they were perfectly soft to touch. I showed them to adira, who was busy observing my every move. I am waiting for her to grow up and bake with me. Maybe then I turn into an everyday baker from a moody one that I am now (hahaha). 

Towards the end I realized that it is absolutely human to feel jittery or nervous about something you have not done in a while but something you undeniably enjoy doing. It is alright even if you fail at it but the fact that you tried will make you feel at peace. I am going to enjoy these muffins with tea in the evening. Sharing the snapchat pictures of the muffins with you since these are the only pictures I clicked…

batter sitting in the mold


shabby pictures i know! i will take a better one in the evening i promise! wait for it....

As promised earlier, I am now posting better pictures of my muffins. With these pictures I also have the verdict of the family on them. They all loved it! Yayieee! 

now isn't this muffin lovely?

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