Friday, June 6, 2014

Use Tube Dresses as Skirts now

I had never really thought that I would write about fashion for various reasons of my own.
 1. I do not hold a degree in the subject.
 2. I have never worked with a fashion house.

But then I questioned myself “does it even matter?”

I see so many women running great boutiques not because they are highly educated in the subject but just because fashion is their passion and they made business out of it.

And I am ONLY writing about it. Plus I am my family’s personal stylist. Now doesn’t that qualify me to write about fashion trends? LOL

A word of caution: My fashion sense is purely based on what I like and customising the ongoing trends according to my personal taste. It is only entitled to me. People who are reading this might like it might not like it. But if you feel I am making sense you can always try, Right?

This post is about tube dresses. Now I am sure most of you have already worn a tube top a lot of times; sometimes just as a top and sometimes as an inner underneath sheer tops/shirts. You might have even tried wearing it as a skin hugging mini skirt with a peplum top.

This time, for a change, I tried wearing a tube dress as a skirt.

For those of you who have not tried it here is a sneak peak at the dress that I turned into a skirt.
a candid shot taken by my dear husband during our honeymoon

I bought this beautiful tube dress for my honeymoon. Since I am not living in Goa and Delhi doesn’t have a man-made beach yet, the dress got shelved after that. So with summers hovering over my head and making me sweat I thought to wear it with a twist. 

Now unlike tube tops/inners this dress has some flare.

I thought it would make a lovely high-waisted just below the knee skirt. And it sure did! The obvious choice is a white t-shirt or a gunjee but I tried a black tee instead.

To accessorize I used a sleek black bow belt, wore two bracelets (a pearl one and another with beads made from the childhood creative project game my dad had bought me) with the watch. I wore white coloured rose shaped studs in the ears, made a gypsy twist braid and TADAA!! I was ready.

I absolutely loved the look. I found it chic and simple.

My mother-in-law who had not seen the dress earlier thought it’s a brand new skirt and complimented me for it. Yayyieee!!!

You can wear the very same dress as a skirt with a racer-back tee and keep the tee out instead of tucking it in. Kolhapuri chappals will go great with this skirt. 

So if you have some flared tube tops/dresses sitting idle in your wardrobe, you too can use them as skirts. 

They look uber cute for a casual dinner or for a trip to the mall.