Monday, June 16, 2014

High waisted shorts can never go out of vogue

There is something about high waisted shorts that help me maintain my love for them.

I feel they never go out of vogue unless you are a sticker for every latest trend forgetting the old classics.

So this Saturday when I went out with friends for a casual dinner I decided to get into my high waisted brown chino shorts. 

I chose to pair them up with a grey shirt. I kept the look simple with a fish charm bracelet my dear husband bought me on our honeymoon and another beaded one.

I wore brown belly flats (my recent purchase and I absolutely adore them) and carried a sling bag to complete the easy casual look. 

Such shorts generally look nice with a shirt. However you can also pair them up with a chiffon top. 

You can wear high waisted shorts in denim and pair them up with a white chiffon shirt or simply with a denim shirt. Believe me denim over denim looks great. I might blog about that look soon. 

I hope this look helps you with your next casual outing. 

P.S. : if you don't have a pair of these cut a pair of those high waisted jeans that you have not worn for ages now. 


  1. Hi ankita that gave me a nice idea thanks yaar i admire ur fashion sense n culinary skills a lot :)