Monday, June 9, 2014



I am feeling quite content and philosophical today. I am not scaring you about the length of this write up. On the contrary I feel it is going to be relatively short but insightful. 

There are so many times when we commit a mistake. I say it is absolutely human. And then there are so many times when others have committed one and ended up hurting you. Now that is human too.

We homo sapiens are so complex, I say! *eyes rolling*. 

 But what really bothers me is that 99.9% we either carry the guilt of committing that mistake with us or form an opinion about the other person who did something wrong to us.

Sometimes we carry this baggage with us for so long that we forget what really made us upset and angry in the first place. All that is left behind is that ill rotten feeling.

Do we really deserve it? Isn’t life too short to hold grudges against each other; to hold a grudge against your own self?

People often blame themselves for the rest of their lives for mistakes they have made, sometimes small sometimes big. The mistake has already been made; what had to wrong has gone wrong. If it cannot be undone I ask “why torture yourself? Isn’t that cruel?”.

Learn to forgive. Forgive yourself and the person who has hurt you. 

Most often you do not take the first step because of your leviathan ego. This ego tells you that if you take that first step you will end up looking small and foolish. And how can you lose, Right? 

If you feel your ego is too big to let you make up with yourself and to let you forgive the other person, challenge it. Make it lose. Believe me you will find peace. You will be in a happy place you have never been before.

You will smile. Smile at how stupid you have been to cling to a mistake so tightly for all this while.

I know forgiveness does not come easy. There is a constant tussle between the devil and the angel.

Devil : that person is so mean, how could he/she do that to you?”

Angel: it is alright, people make mistakes, keep their circumstances in mind. 

And the battle between black and white just goes on forming a grey area in your head.

You have to choose. You have to be wise and believe me wisdom has nothing to do with your age. You have to make the horned devil in black lose. Because if you let Mr. White a.ka. Angel win you will find peace within. And that feeling of peace is incomparable to the feeling you get with the purchase of any luxury. 

So if you are feeling livid, burning with anger for something you have done try to forgive yourself. What has been done is the past, stop judging yourself and others for it. Life is all about moving on. If someone has done bad to you, pick up the phone call him/her and make up. 

Forgiveness is food for soul. It is the best luxury you can add to your life. And it just costs a little ego :)
Stay happy! Stay blessed!

P.S.: Dear husband, though I am feeling too luxurious today, but I would still not mind a gesture;) Kidding I love you now and forever.


  1. i totally agree.a smile or a hug to d person with whom one is having difference will make life smooth for both of them.