Friday, July 19, 2013

planned shopping = happy shopping

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 yesterday i went shopping and i realized how a certain things can make your shopping experience better. shopping is one thing women would never say no to, until n unless it is grocery shopping :p. any day or anytime is good for us provided the showrooms and the malls are open. however, shop till you drop is generally an occasional statement for the masses. we all have a certain budget. it is always wise to plan your shopping a little in advance to get the most out of your set budget. so i thought of sharing the tried and tested tips that i generally use when i go shopping not just keeping the money account in mind but also to make the shopping trip pleasant.

1. set a budget keeping your pocket in mind. keep reminding yourself about the sum of money you have shelled out for the shopping trip.

2. make a list of the items you need. it makes you clear about the stores you have to visit and the sections of items you have to look at and saves you from spending on unwanted items. i know there are distractions. for example you have gone to buy a dress but you have fallen in love with this quirky coloured blazer which is not in your budget and not really required or you have gone to buy a pair of heels but you head over heels for a pair of shiny thong flats. in such a case take a quick glance at your shopping list and just remind yourself about the budget you have. if at the end you are left with some money you can always pick the distraction :p.

3. choose a weekday over a weekend. malls are always less crowded. so the stores look more organized which makes browsing through the items easy for you. plus there aren't excruciatingly long ques to get to the fitting rooms.

4. never shop on an empty stomach. the hunger pangs generally make us cranky and disinterested. effective shopping needs a content stomach, some patience and brains(by effective i mean buying what you really need which is also value for your money).

5. first survey then pick. if you have spare time always browse the sections and stores you are interested in before making the actual purchase. it will not just save you the guilt of paying more for something which is available at a cheaper price at the other store but will also help you explore the variety provided by different stores. once you have done a quick recce, with the shortlisted stuff  and the prices in your mind you can quickly go pick them up and get them billed. (some people  do the recce in advance. with the items, their sizes and prices all noted down with them, they then choose one day to just pick the items up. i however do the survey and shop the same day).

6. choose comfortable clothing and footwear. it is very important to be dressed appropriately when going out with the sole purpose of shopping. prefer wearing flats for footwear that are easy to slip into. you would not want your soaring feet crying to get out of those pair of harrowing high heels.if going for apparel shopping in particular wear something that you can take out and wear back easily and quickly.

7. avoid using plastics. always try to pay by cash instead of using the cards. the cards let you go overboard with your budget without a realization and you would not want to regret that later(think about all that interest you'll be paying on that credit just for a few luring moments of greed to buy that unwanted item!). instead of using the debit cards directly. withdraw the set budget from an ATM. the hard cash in your hands is a constant reminder of  the exact amount left with you.

8. go alone: never take a friend who also has a shopping agenda. you might have different interests and likings and it will just waste your and her time. it is always better to go shop alone, if you still want company take someone who shares the same interests, does not have a shopping list of his/her own and knows you need company(now i know it is tough to find such a person, but then what are mothers and best friends for?:p).

9. never shop when sad, low or bored. it is very important to go for shopping with a clear mind and a happy face . when you are sad you just do not end up spending more but also get things you do not really want and buy them as an excuse for the bad situation you are in. so when in a bad mood channel the negative energy in doing something positive (work out, do yoga, cook or just dance) and when your spirits are lifted you know it is time to shop!

hope these tips are helpful when you go shopping the next time :)

P.S. : you are welcome to post your "effective shopping" ideas. after all, when it comes to shopping just 9 tips are not enough :p.


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  2. Awesome ! And facts , these are! :D
    Thank you Ankita