Saturday, March 4, 2017

Goa and some Gyaaaaan

My husband and I love Goa. Who doesn't? Right? Anyway so when our friends suggested that we make a trip to the Feniland we jumped at the suggestion. It was an easy yes because our friends (other two couples) too have daughters almost Adira’s age. 

Now the trip was a success and the girls even after doing all the work still enjoyed and the boys even after minimal baby handling found the trip challenging LOL. But towards the end of it we all came back as happy refreshed people.

 The thing is once you have kids it's very important to travel. The parents will face new challenges every time  but does that mean we stop traveling? Didn't our parents travel when we were still too tiny. So I believe in getting out to get the much needed change from the monotony of everyday life.

It was not adira’s first trip but it was most certainly the most special one. Firstly because we were traveling to one of our favourite cities and secondly because the company we had on the trip was the most suitable. Three couples; three baby girls. We were a gang loaded with diaper bags and baby carriers!!!! Hahaha. The sight of all of us together got us too many “awwws and oh so cute” on the trip. 

Anyway I just thought of sharing some tips that might come handy to you when you are traveling with your so called infant….

A GOOD PROPERTY OR AIR BNB: Ok so I personally feel (please understand it is my point of view) that there is no midway when it comes to the stay. I suggest you either stay in a an AIR BNB where you carry your own utensils so that you can cook the baby food yourself or you take the stay at a good property where they do not mind cooking fresh baby food specially for you. If your stay is longer I feel AIR BNB is a more sensible choice since you can't eat out everyday for 15 days and would long for home cooked food and so would your child. You will feel guilty giving your child cerelac and biscuits for such a long period of time. If your stay is short like ours was choose a good hotel where they have a kids corner, a good pool and some indoor activities so that even if your babies do not let you get out you can still enjoy the hotel/resort.

AIRPORT MUSTS: I have traveled earlier by road with Adira where you have no restrictions since you can load your ride with as much baby luggage as you want to. But when traveling by air one has to follow certain rules. I must confess I was pretty nervous but I am glad the traveling was easy breezy touchwood. If your baby still fits in the baby carrier DO carry it! It's a boon. I was too worried about the quantity of water one can carry but I realised that the domestic air travel rules weren't as strict as the international ones. 

AIRPLANE MUSTS: Now those of you who have already traveled with an infant would know that if the babies are breastfed or bottle fed during take off and landing it eases the crankiness caused due to change in the air pressure. Adira didn't do either but she was using her straw Sippy cup which ensured the sucking that eases the irritation. Also carry a new toy or anything new that the child hasn't seen before so that keeps him/her busy. Adira was busy playing with the cardboard case my contact lens solution came in. Most domestic airlines do not provide you with ear cotton buds, so carry some cotton for your little one. I was unaware of this and had to create small buds out of tissue paper for adira and myself.

BABY FOOD: Now if you are baby is exclusively breastfed or for that matter only on milk (include top feed) then you do not have to worry much. Top feed is readily available everywhere in India. If traveling abroad you can carry the brand or the type your baby is used to. For babies who are on semi  solids, the so called tuck increases. You must carry cerelac and biscuits; if all fails these two things come in handy. If you are staying in Air BNB you can cook yourself . If at a resort you can request the staff to cook you some baby food. Now some mothers trust no one but themselves; I must confess that I am partially one of many such moms but I trusted the resort with the porridge they cooked  for most babies staying there. You can also request the hotel staff to provide you with some bananas ( no cooking required there and it's a meal in itself). Fresh fruits  from the local market can also be bought.

PLACES TO VISIT: The caption suggests that I give you a list of cafes or restaurants to visit in Goa but believe me that is the last thing I am going to do. When with babies enjoy the places closer to the hotel and if there aren't any enjoy the resort; relax. We ourselves committed the mistake of going to a place one hour away from our resort in a car loaded with three babies and three diaper bags just because a friend had suggested that it's a MUST VISIT sorts and we were more than disappointed when we reached the place. The distance kills the fun when traveling with little ones. You can save your touristy “let's go here and there” worm for the time when the babies are a little older.

Last but not the least company matters on a lot. Either travel with your own family where you have all the help or travel alone (you, your spouse and your baby) so that you can do things your way at your own pace or travel with people who have babies/kids your age so that you all are on the same page, sailing in the same boat. Our trip went well because all three couples were new parents struggling with the same problems wanting to have some fun. 

As I close this post let me share a few memories from the trip. Hope you enjoy your next trip wherever it is . 





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