Thursday, September 5, 2013

how it all began

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I have always enjoyed writing. When I was in school I contributed articles for the monthly news feed and the annual book. However, that time I was unaware that it will become such an important part of my life in the future.

When I got into college, I got so involved with the college’s music events and the social life that I somehow stopped writing (I am not including the funny silly poems I wrote for my family members for their birthdays and anniversaries).

Besides writing I have always loved cooking. Cooking for the loved ones (provided not an obligation) is like therapy to me. So I used to keep trying new dishes and share the pictures with my close friends. I must have been in college final year then.

It was then, that a very good friend of mine suggested me to start a food blog. I told her that my recipes weren’t original, and that I learn from youtube and other online sources. She told me it did not matter and a lot of people do that. Since I was not too updated with the blogging world and was busy juggling the final year studies and various MBA entrance exams the suggestion and thought of blogging eluded my brain in almost no time.

I finished my MBA, got married and joined my husband to work. One day while I was preparing breakfast for my husband, I captured the dish’s final look. With the flash of the camera, I do not know from which hidden corner of my brain, the suggestion made by my friend about blogging flashed in my head.

After the six months long post wedding break and an ample amount of reading, on the first day at work, I gave blogging a serious thought(courtesy:my close friend). After Reading a few blogs and taking a few cues from them, it was then that I started one of my own (yayiiee!).  However, when I sat down to write (read: type), I asked myself if it was just food that I wanted to write about. And the answer came instantly “no”. I wanted to write about anything and everything; every experience that I had enjoyed or didn’t enjoy, a place I had liked, a movie I had watched or just about some random confusion or struggle in my head. I did not want to restrict the blog to just cooking. I wanted cooking to be one part of it.

The blog had to be a reflection of me and my life. Hence, I decided to name it “My little Diary”. 

Since I am working with my husband, My little Diary gives me an identity of my own. Initially, my husband, who despises reading books and limits himself only to official correspondence, could not really understand my knack for writing. However, he gradually started appreciating the effort I was putting in. Now, when a friend compliments me for a post, my husband will pass a smile at me (read: wow honey, not bad).  

My little Diary gives me the opportunity to document my life’s events, a platform to voice my opinion and my thoughts, reviving my writing skills once again. It has opened a whole new world to me, giving me a chance to interact with people coming from different walks of life. Reading the work of other bloggers is a pleasure and every read enriches my life in some way.

I am still an amateur with the blog being in a nascent stage right now. Every comment on the blog gives me the high of a tequila shot. It brings a smile to my face, happiness to my life and peace to my heart for doing something productive.

There is still a lot to be learnt and I am looking forward to it :).

P.S.:If you write or love to capture moments (irrespective of your camera quality) and are still shying away, NOW is the time to start blogging.  

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013


  1. I think when we have a passion about something, there's no way to stop it. I enjoyed your post. I too write about anything and everything, including food. Visiting from Grace Grits and Gardening.

    1. hi talya. thank you so much. such comments are a constant source of encouragement. i too went through your blog. it is inspiring :).

  2. Blogging is the best thing that happened to me, Ankita. It's a beautiful post and you write so well:)

  3. Have to echo Vishal's sentiments about blogging, all this writing and venting of creative energy is probably the best thing that has happened to me in recent times, and the frequency and number of posts from July 2013 is evidence to that.

    Keep blogging, you will surely find happiness with that...

    1. i could not agree more... writing is one of the best ways to channel your energy and thoughts in the right direction

  4. Blogging definitely has been a blessing for me. In so many ways:) I guess I will be forever grateful to that that day that I started blogging.

  5. Writing is something that does not allow you to break off - for any length of time :)