Monday, September 2, 2013

chocolate chunk mocha cookies

Somehow my husband is not very fond of the biscuits available in the supermarket, not even oreo! (How can anyone not be fond of oreo? :S). When it comes to bakery biscuits he likes only a few. So buying biscuits for him is a task. However, to my respite, he simply loves the freshly baked home cookies. Now, I have always enjoyed baking. So this weekend, while I already had muffins on my mind my husband asked me to bake some cookies instead. Without giving it a second thought I said “cookies it is then!”

On Saturday, after completing the usual breakfast routine and seeing my husband off to work (I take the luxury of not going to work on a Saturday :p), I began putting all the ingredients in one place. Cookies are easy to make and not too time consuming. I measured the all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour, sifting them together. Then, I added baking soda, salt and cocoa powder to it. Taking a fistful of almonds, I crushed them and dropped them into the bowl. Bringing all the dry ingredients together with my hands I kept this mix aside.

Moving on to the next step, I took oil and some butter in a bowl and added white and brown sugar, giving it all a good whisk. Adding one egg, some vanilla essence and some instant coffee I whisked the mix again to make it airy and creamy at the same time.

Since, I did not have chocolate chips, for my convenience I chopped a small bar of dairy milk into chunks and had kept them aside.

Now the stage had come to mix the dry and wet ingredients. I slowly added the dry ingredient mix to the wet one in two shifts, throwing in some chocolate chunks with each shift. Moving my hand in one direction I brought the ingredients together to form dough.

While the oven was put to preheat at 180 degree Celsius, I buttered the tray. Then I formed small balls from the dough, flattened each one to give the cookie  some shape and pinned it with a small chunk of chocolate in the middle. I placed them at a distance in the baking tray (the size increases on baking) and shoved the tray in the oven.

I gave them good fifteen minutes to bake. The kitchen was filled with the aroma of the cookies. After the given time I checked the cookies, they had risen and looked beautiful with those thin lined cracks. I took them out and let them cool while putting another shift of cookies in the oven.

Since Saturday was way too hectic for my husband, he got time to try the cookies only the next day. He liked them *big smile*. My father-in-law complimented the cookies saying “I had one and it did not appear to me that they were baked at home. They are as good as the ones you get at a bakery”. The cookies were slightly sweet for me and my sister-in-law but I had baked them keeping my husband’s sweet tooth in mind. All in all they were a success.

For the ones who would like to give these cookies a shot (makes 14 medium-sized cookies):
·         1 cup all purpose flour
·         ½ cup whole wheat flour
·         1 tbsp baking powder
·         Pinch of salt
·         A fistful of almonds (crushed)
·          4 tbsp cocoa powder
·         4-5 tbsp oil
·         3-4 small dices of butter
·         1 cup of ground white sugar
·         ¼ cup of brown sugar
·         1 egg
·         1 tbsp vanilla essence
·         2 tbsp coffee powder
·         1 bar of dairy milk chopped into chunks

 Note: you can reduce or increase the sugar as per your liking. If the dough is too dry add in a little milk.

P.S.:  These cookies  not just make a perfectly delectable gift for the loved ones :) but also give you all the more reason to invite your friends over to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea.


  1. hey tried your recipe. cookies turned out yummm. thank you for the recipe.

  2. hy for how much time we need to preheat and at what temperature we need to bake the cookies

    1. when you set the oven at 180 degrees (for this recipe) the oven will take its own time to preheat till 180 degrees start flashing...your oven is then ready for the cookies to be baked...