Friday, September 20, 2013

a tub of ice-cream

image source:google

The one a.m. craving
The sweet tooth dreaming
The mouth drooling
Calls for a tub of ice-cream

The crazy late night hunt
Spotting a store defines fun
The childish sprint towards the refrigerator
Doings of a tub of ice-cream

The spread of flavours
Spoiling you for choice
Very berry, chocolate or almond praline
It IS a tub of ice-cream

The velvety texture
The heavenly sapor
The sinful sweetness
Makes a tub of ice-cream

The famished gluttons
The hungry eager hearts
The frail spoons
Binge into a tub of ice-cream
The joy of sharing  
The joy of caring
Fighting over the last spoon remaining
Comes with a tub of ice-cream

Winter in mouth
Taste buds appeased
A sated heart
Good times and to be cherished memories
Giving of a tub of ice-cream  


  1. The sinful sweetness
    What a sweet poem!
    Agree whole-heartedly with you Ankita-it is my sin too.