Tuesday, February 6, 2018

i am back

As I sit I front of my gleaming laptop screen, I am wondering what took me so long to feel this light on my face. If you have read my previous posts you know I have always had excuses (reasons for me though) for being temporarily inactive with my blog posts. I say temporarily because I always come back to writing and I always will.

When people ask me why I am not writing anything these days, I am flushed with a mixture of feelings. I feel happy knowing that I have my tribe of readers that follows my blog regularly, is missing me and then I get sad for not being able to do justice by being consistent with the write ups.

Because I want you to connect with me and relate with me, here I am sharing my reasons for being absent from your screens. I realized that since I became a mother everything revolves around my little girl. From my blog posts being about baby food to postpartum weight loss; my little production rules my blog too. I am not ashamed of the fact that she is a clingy kid wanting to be with her mom the entire time leaving me with very less time to do something of my own. I am not complaining. Every child is different. You will know what I am talking about if you are a parent yourself and if you are not, well, just wait till you become one.

There have been so many occasions when I wrote a blog in my head while driving back from a place; the empty road ornamented with street lights lighting up the little writer in me. And then I reached home and the little one got all cranky or simply needed her mother leading to the death of a post in my head failing to see the gleaming light of the laptop screen. Just like that, my denial to ignore my daughter leads me into becoming a serial killer of the blog posts that birthed in my head on empty roads or toilet seats. Anyway, so the gist of it is that my sweet peach takes most of my time and energy. Now you will ask me how the hell working mothers cope if a stay at home mother is talking this way. To which I say ‘I salute all the working mothers who are managing work and a baby’. 

Another reason for being absent is the choice one has to make. I will not lie that I do manage to squeeze out a few hours of ‘me time’ when the baby sleeps. But for the last few months I have made a conscious choice to not blog and delve into other things I love and other skills that I had always wanted to learn. As a kid I have worn hand knitted mom’s love and since I got Adira in my life I have wanted to knit something for her. So, in my oh-so- precious free time I learnt to knit and now I am knitting her a sweater for next winter (I will share pictures of it once I complete it). I also gulp down a few pages of a book quickly when I get time. Netflix and amazon prime need loyal viewers like me, so that’s another thing I do with a little free time I get. All these choices leave my blog and readers stranded with nothing new to read from my end. But believe me when I say that I have promised myself to be regular.

Writing has always opened new doors for me, bringing in new opportunities to work with people and collaborate with them. Being the social person that I am, I have loved getting to know new folks expanding my network. So yes! I promise you and myself to be more consistent with my blogs. Bear with me if the write ups revolve around my motherhood or my toddler (it’s not certain I will write about these two topics only but a little word of caution always helps. Right?). It just inspires me. If you want me to write about something in particular, please feel free to message me or comment and I promise I will do something about it. I have made so many promises in this write up (cannot help smiling) but I promise to keep up all the promises (hahahah).
Will be back very soon! Till then take care of yourselves  xx

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