Tuesday, June 9, 2015

AAM Dessert

Summer is the perfect excuse to indulge in icecream after every possible meal. While there are various flavours available in the market it is always good to try something different using icecream especially when you have some people coming over.

On Saturday night we had some guests over and I decided to give the final touch to the meal with some AAM sweetness. 

Most of us have vanilla icecream with mango cubes for dessert in summers. I decided to prepare an extremely simple dessert involving these two ingredients. Believe me the effort put in this dessert is minimal and the compliments that will follow will be many!

Ingredients (Serves 6)
2 mangoes (peeled and puréed)
1 tub of vanilla icecream
8 biscuits (of your choice)
3 vanilla flavoured wafer sticks
Walnuts to garnish

Take six cups (I used tea cups, you can use a shot glass or any small glass) and place them in a row. 

Crush the biscuits and layer each glass with them. 

Top the layer of biscuits with a scoop of vanilla icecream followed by puréed mangoes.

Sprinkle some crushed wafer sticks on the mango purée. 

Follow this by adding some more icecream, followed by mango purée and finally topped with roughly chopped walnuts. 

Keep these cups in the freezer for two hours and serve when it's time. 

Now isn't that an easy breezy dessert to prepare. Prepare some extra glasses because the guests will surely ask for some more of this. 

You can prepare such desserts with puréed strawberries and kiwis also. 

You can also make a mix fruit icecream glass by alternating different fruit purée after every layer of icecream.

You can use any biscuit of your choice. I used a mix of chocolate and butter cookies.

While I topped the dessert with walnuts you can add any dry fruit of your choice.

Like I always say use your imagination and customise a recipe as per your taste and make it your own for the best results.


  1. There can be nothing best than Mango dessert in summers.. Thanks for sharing :)