Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Introducing Mrs. and Mr.

A BIG Hello to all the lovely people reading this post right now. 

Before going any further let‘s take a moment to pray for the people in Nepal.

So, busy April has bid me goodbye and the lighter on the calendar but warmer May has come to say Hi. Like I mentioned in my last post that April would keep me on my toes and so it did. It was a wedding marathon starting with my sis-in-law’s engagement followed by my sister’s wedding. I managed to reach the finishing line by being just as energetic for the final wedding (a friend’s) as for the previous two (even though the first event was technically an engagement but still since it was no less than a wedding event, it has been counted in ).

The weddings were a lot of fun. Today this post will be less about words and more about pictures. 

With this post I introduce to the world three new handsome couples. May god bless them all with happiness in abundance, bountiful of understanding and patience in heaps. Marriage is a beautiful journey. Beware! There will be hurdles and obstacles but you need not be afraid. Hold on to each other, cross them and you shall discover a new place; a new destination. Bon Voyage my lovelies.

Mr. Tanda and would be Mrs. Tanda (how adorable they look)
Mrs. and Mr. Arora (my doll with her prince)

Mrs. and Mr. Batra (Mrs. Batra welcome to the madness)

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