Monday, April 7, 2014

Navratra Special: Tikkad

I celebrated ashtmi (the eighth day of navratra) today but those of you who celebrate navmi (the ninth day) would still be fasting and so today’s post is just a tiny bit of help from my end to assist you decide the menu for dinner. The help is called tikkad.
Do not mistake them with tikkis (cutlets).
Tikkad is basically is a combination of tikki and parantha ( fried Indian bread) made of singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour) and potatoes. I made these for breakfast for my husband the day he was fasting and he really liked them. They are filling and very delicious. You can even have them for lunch or dinner. The choice is absolutely yours. These tikkads can easily fit into any meal.


flattened tikkads sitting peacefully ready to get fried
Tikkad (makes 5 small tikkads)                              
1 cup singhare ka atta
2 boiled potatoes
Salt as per taste
1.5 tbsp pepper
1 chopped green chilly
½ cup water or as needed
Few spoons of ghee (clarified butter) for frying

A bowl of curd
2 tbsp milk
Salt as per taste
½ tbsp pepper
½ tbsp crushed roasted cumin seeds
½ tbsp Sugar (optional)


Put sighare ka atta in a bowl.

Add salt and pepper and a few chopped chunks of green chilly.

Mix well with your hands.

Peel and mash the boiled potatoes.

Add the mashed potatoes to the flour.

Bring the two together.

Add a little water to make dough.

If the mixture is too dry add some more water till you can hold the dough easily in your hand.

Divide the dough into small balls.

Now, unlike rotis (Indian bread) which are rolled flat with a rolling pin, take one ball at a time and place it between the palms of your hands to flatten it.

Flatten it as much as you can without breaking it, since the dough is crumbly in texture.

Garnish a few chunks of chilly on one side and press them into the flattened bread.

Flatten all the balls and arrange them in a plate.

Heat the pan and put some ghee on it.

Place the tikkad on the pan and let it get cooked.

When one side is golden brown and cooked toss the tikkad frying the other side.

Press the tikkad with a big flat spoon so it cooks properly.

Repeat the same with the remaining.

For the raita, whisk the curd well.

Add some milk and whisk again.

Add salt, pepper, crushed cumin seeds and sugar to it. Give it another good whisk.

Serve the steaming hot tikkads with chilled raita for an amazing navratra treat.

tadaaa! yummy tikkads

Note:  If you have arranged the flattened balls in a plate and there is some time to fry them, coat these lightly with some water and then cover with a wet cloth so that they do not dry up.

P.S.:  You can absolutely leave the sugar in the raita. I add it because I like a tinge of sweetness in my otherwise salty raita.

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