Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Khushi's creative gesture

It is beautiful how sometimes little gestures make your day special and unique; little gestures that emanate from unconditional pure child like love. 

I had really not planned to write a post today till I met Khushi, my husband’s eleven year old cousin and my youngest sis-in-law. 

She visited us to our workplace today and after exhausting all her riddles and jokes she asked me for a few pieces of paper and colours. I provided her with the available highlighters in pink, green, blue and orange and a permanent marker in black as that was all I could fetch in the name of colours at work.

She told me that she would be making a card for me and that I should not see it till she was done completing it. As promised neither did I dare disturb her nor did I try peeking into what she was creating for me. 

I feel when kids are upto something creative they should be given enough space, freedom and their own leisurely time.

Khushi who loves to draw and aspires to become a fashion designer in the years to come filled my heart with inexplicable joy when she presented to me a beautiful multi-layered card after exactly forty five minutes. It was adorably cute of her to pen down a question towards the end of the multi-layered card asking for our feedback. And I gave a very genuine one. 

I LOVEEEE the card.

I did not have a candy on me to thank her for the wonderful card she had made for me L. A warm tight hug was all I could give back in return at that moment of time.

I am immensely moved by her sweet little gesture. It is fascinatingly bizarre how kids express the most complex of emotions like love with such simplicity which we even as adults fail to do.

The card is an exquisite piece of art and also makes a mention of my dear husband. I am going to keep it safely with me in the box of little collectibles that hold various memories for me.

Thank you so much Khushi. I am truly touched. You are a sweetheart and bhabi loves you too. *kisses*

layer 1

the heart that popped out of the envelope

layer 2
layer 3


  1. This is too cute hehe :) I've been meaning to post some of the cute letters I've gotten in the last year from my Husbands niece too :D

    1. I know such gestures from the little ones leave you overwhelmed